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TGIF y’all!

It’s been a busy day. All the students are starting to roll back into town, so I feel like my world just acquired a whole bunch of extra energy by default. Busyness at the store, extra bodies at the gym, hella traffic, etc. I personally prefer my city populated, as it breathes more life into things, but it always catches me off guard a little.

Back-to-school is really my favorite time of year. My only downfall is major jealousy issues. I am a hardcore school nerd for life, yo. And every time a new school year starts I get more and more antsy at the fact that I am not personally headed for a classroom. It’s been five years since I graduated from college and I miss it every second of every day. I have the capacity to be a perpetual student, and I feel completely lost being away from learning for so long. I was going to go  back for grad school about two years ago but talked myself out of it. It’s hard to leave a decent job in a bad economy to pursue another degree.  Even harder to justify paying for said degree when you’re still chunking away at the last one you didn’t use. So that’s where I’m at.


So this is the outfit that would have been yesterday’s post. Truth be told, I have no qualms wearing this outfit twice. It feels like cheating! I’d feel guilty, but it’s too cute to argue.

The dress doesn’t photograph as well as I’d like, but I love its embroidered textures and the cut-out hem. It was a cheap thrifting find and I feel like it’s the perfect piece to dress both up and down. Today (Or rather, yesterday. Teehee.) I opted for dressing it down. I feel like the ever-controversial black/brown combo is casual by nature but can look pretty classy. I wore it to work, running errands, a local festival, out for frozen yogurt and back again. And felt myself to be dressed just  right on all occasions. Hooray for versatility!

The final frontier, would be to wear this outfit to bed. And I’m pretty tired, so I wouldn’t put it past me.

Dress – Thrifted
Belt – Stolen off a skirt
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklace – The Icing

Title courtesy of Hot Chip – “Over and Over”