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Well hello! It’s only 10:30 where I live, but it feels a lot later. As of right now, I have been on the go for about fifteen hours straight. I got up bright and early to hit some garage sales with my sisters-in-law. I don’t regret it. I had fun and I even came home with two new shirts. It’s just that I never really stopped going all day long. I just got home from work and I am beat. I think I have been sleep-deprived for a couple of weeks now. A combination of stress, discomfort from the hip and my general addiction to Doing Stuff, has found me not exactly logging a full eight.

I think I need to just schedule one very long nap. Maybe even tomorrow. We have designs on taking the boat out (finally) and since I can’t wakeboard with my injury, I can at least take a sun nap on the back seat. It’s only fair right?


Finally! Something innovative on my part.  I know. I only have myself to blame for a lack of creativity lately. I’ve been adhering to the very safe and narrow with my choices. Mostly dresses with an accessory or two and occasionally shorts and a top. I’m not sure what’s with the rut. But in any event, after all the boring choices lately, a tunic top layered over a dress with a big old belt, felt practically revolutionary.

I don’t know what inspired me, or if it even works. I just really like the interesting meld of colors here. The springy dress colors say summer, while the jewel tones of the top hint fall. I feel like this is an interesting transitional outfit, if nothing else. And anyway, it was far from fall today, with tempts in the high 90s. I was forced to recall why I’ve all but abandoned large belts as of late. All that tight leathery plastic around one’s torso gets very warm very fast.

Last but not least, I’m not crazy about the shoes. You’ll have to overlook my footwear choices for the time being. At the doctor’s office the other day, I was told to examine my shoes’ wear patterns for signs that I lack proper form. Well, I checked my last three pairs of running kicks and found nothing amiss. Then I looked at my everyday shoes. On nearly every.single. pair. that I wear to work and about, I can see that my left side (same side as the injured hip) is worn down about an extra quarter-inch. So, I bit the bullet the other day and tossed a bunch of crappy non-supportive shoes. My choices are now limited to what’s left, as I go about substituting in more high quality replacements. Kinda  a bummer but an excuse to buy new shoes, yes?

 Dress – Wet Seal
Bow Tunic Top – Work
Belt – Thrifted
Necklace – The Icing
Sh0es – Work

Title courtesy of Barenaked Ladies – “Who Needs Sleep?”