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Good evening! I’m back, although no less rested. And with good reason! For once, I’ve been out enjoying some honest to goodness summer fun.

See, I’ve been getting some rather peremptory horoscopes as of late. Ordinarily, I don’t put a lot of stock in such things after the great rerun horoscope debacle of last year (that’s another blog, I guess). But I do kind of enjoy the horoscope app on my Blackberry and have been checking it periodically. And what it keeps telling me is that I haven’t been enjoying my time the way it was meant to be enjoyed, not stopping to smell the roses, not properly partaking of the summer, etc. Blah blah blah. And maybe the stars are on to something with this one. In my more zen moments, I try telling myself that my injury is life’s way (albeit a very stupid and ill-timed way) of telling me to just slow down and step back. Still, I didn’t like what the horoscopes were insinuating about me and my lack of summer fun.

So today, I decided to prove them wrong. Starting with an early morning coffee date with a friend. Said friend and I usually hit the track for Sunday morning runs, but since that was out, coffee and conversation was in. From there I also had a standing engagement with the kiddo – my 10-year-old mentoring buddy – to fulfill. We opted to take advantage of the heat wave and hit the pool. The kiddo loves swimming and we’ve neglected the pool all summer, so today was a good day to remedy that. As if that weren’t enough we also hit up Coldstone to meet our summer ice cream consumption quotient. Done and done. And as if that still wasn’t enough summery action, the husband and I and some neighbor friends then took the boat to the lake all afternoon and into the evening.

I am now soaked to the bone,  I smell like sunscreen and lake, overdosed on vitamin D and sugar and more tired than I was yesterday. I feel awesome. So screw you horoscope. That’ll show you.

So this is another not-so-fashionable day in the life of Jenny. Some style blogs would probably be opposed to posting their chillaxed pool/lake outfit but full disclosure, here. This blog is kind of like “Degrassi” (The popular Canadian teen drama. Which I may or may not have DVR’d and watched in its entirety, once. Maybe twice.) It goes there. This is what I wore all day.  I knew there would be days like this when I began the project. In truth, I planned on having more of them. So while, my adventure summer was not to be, I am still enjoying the few days of gallivanting to the fullest.

 And anyway, I have a new fashion inspiration when it comes to proper boating attire. Today, back in one of the coves we encountered a fellow that we henceforth refer to as “Speedo Man.” Speedo Man was a rotund gentleman of a distinguished age, who while perching atop his admittedly large and expensive boat, chose to don a very tight shiny black Speedo. His party companions stuck to the basic swim trunks and bathing suits, but not Speedo Man. He rocked that banana hammock loud and proud. BUT that’s really not the best part! As the evening wore on, we lost sight of Speedo Man for a moment. Befuddled, we adjusted our binoculars and caught sight of him once more, ascending from the cabin below his boat. This time wearing A DIFFERENT SPEEDO. The new getup was a neon green Speedo, brighter but no less tighter than the first . Dude changed Speedos mid-party! A man after my own heart, really.

So from now on, I promise at least one outfit change  on the days I spend lakeside. Multiple costume changes may get complicated on a speed boat, and for all intents and purposes of this blog. But if it can work for Celine Dion and Speedo Man, then I think it can work for me.

Pink Polo – Work
Shorts – 5.7.9
Bathing Suit – Ross
Shoes – Local Shoe Boutique

Title courtesy of Caviar – “Tangerine Speedo”