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Hi all. Happy Monday. How did the day treat you? Hey I’m talking to you! My Blackberry is lonely lately. I want you to comment and tell me about your day. Yes, you!

I myself don’t have much to report today, so I’ll keep it short and snappy. Outfit:

So this striped shirt dress has been my nemesis for a couple of weeks now. First I bought it and loved it. Then I took it home and tried to style it. With great difficulty. Just nothing was working the way I wanted it to. The length was playing tricks on me. It seemed too short to be a proper dress. Too long for shorts. Everything I tried layering with it up top looked great and I couldn’t decide between pieces, whereas everything I tried to layer on bottom looked wrong. To belt or not to belt? I was torn. It looked like this battle was going nowhere. I thought about returning it. But I would keep the shirt, I decided, because I had high hopes for pairing it with leggings in the fall.

Alas, I didn’t want to wait until the fall. I still had a crush on the shirt and I wanted to wear it, damnit. So I said, enough already shirt dress. Let’s do this. It took me a few more tries this morning but I finally decided to try it with a skirt. And that ended up being the key! Ironically, the skirt is shorter than the dress itself but somehow manages to fill in the gaps that I was finding irksome. Furthermore, it’s a skirt and thusly does not compromise the true nature of the garment – which is that of dress.

It was also a good day for jewelry. I wore this necklace last week, but felt it didn’t get quite enough due, while layered with another necklace. I love it so. You know what else I love? My bracelet. I have been severely neglecting my massive bangle bracelet collection. Something about bracelets not really photographing well, but enough is enough. Bangles are the best, and I was wrong to doubt their power. So the bangles are back. Dig?

Shirt Dress – 5.7.9
Rouched Tank – Work
Skirt – Max Rave
Wedges – Wet Seal
Bracelet – 5.7.9
Necklace – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of  Wilco – “Jesus, Etc.”