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Hey, hey, hey! How was everyone’s day today? I asked yesterday and hardly got any answers. And then I cried. Well not really. Maybe a little. So I’ll ask again. How was everyone’s day today? You guys have been so quiet. I worry, you know!

I’ll share first. I am coming off a tiresome day, but one that was pretty okay in the grand scheme of things. I don’t really like August. Especially this one. And I’m ready for it to be over. But for the 24th day of my second least favorite month – (February is my very least favorite. Although August seems pretty determined to dethrone it it this year.) – it was kind of alright. It started with me hitting the snooze button about fifty times. This was bad on a day when I had to be at work early. So finally, I got up and around. Work was good though. I spent most of the day remixing the store to get ready for fall. It’s always a good day when I can rearrange things. It’s like one life-size Barbie closet all to myself. Mannequins and sweaters and scarves, oh my!

After work I went to the gym. I am back to elliptical intervals, since that’s all my hip will tolerate. I kind of want to throw things at all the people on treadmills but I haven’t yet. Nor have I yelled out my car window at all the runners I drive by. It’s really hard, sometimes. So mad props to me, for having composure!

I have no idea what that red splotch is, on the wall next to me.  I didn’t notice it while taking pictures, but now I’m a little concerned. I hope there haven’t been any shenanigans going down at the old milk house. It’s probably just paint.

In my haste to get out the door this morning, I had to rely on a old standby outfit. I actually put this outfit together last year about this time. I had just discovered style blogs and was finally rekindling my love affair with getting dressed. We never broke up. We just got a little distant and it was through my reading fashion blogs that I came around again. Consider this one of my amateur attempts. Although I still really love it.

One of my employees once called this my director scarf, because it’s very flamboyant and dramatic with all the tassels. All that sparkly fabric circling my head, and me with my little work clipboard. I suppose it’s fitting but not exactly what I was going for. I’ve had a hard time wearing it since then, because it looks so theatrical but today I tried knotting it into a circle scarf and I think that helped.

How does everyone feel about black/yellow color combos? Personally, it’s one of my very favorites, but I once knew a girl who loathed it and felt the need to comment every time I put it together. It reminds me of bees! was always her reasoning. Um, the bees knees, I say. I love black and yellow together, always and forever. But I wore my necklace today, out of spite.

Chambrey Skirt – Work
Black Scoop Neck Tank – Wet Seal
Yellow Boy Tank – Work
Scarf – Work
Shoes – Old Navy
Bee Necklace – eBay

Title courtesy of Akon feat. Lil Wayne – “I’m So Paid”