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Howdy! Have I dropped a howdy yet, this year? I don’t think I have. What a shame. And I rarely say y’all anymore. I’ve been away from Texas too long. It makes me sad.

Anyway. Quick post today. I have to go work per usual. It’s hot as a mofo out, so I suspect the mall will be busy with people hiding from the heat. It never fails to amaze me that August is the hottest month where I live. I always feel like July should be the pinnacle of summer and therefore the hottest, but August heat always blindsides me. You would think I would remember all those years, where the first weeks of school were spent sticking to plastic chairs. Yesterday I talked about all the things I’m looking forward to about fall, but it should be noted that I am eking the last bit of joy out of the summer season. I have a kitchen full of fresh summer fruits and veggies bequeathed to me by my gardening friends and family. The pool is still open. My Americanos are still iced and I can still wear big sunglasses at when I get off work in the evening. It’s a good thing.

Admittedly, I’m trying to sneak the autumn clothes out a little early, although in a transtional manner. It’s compulsory. I really can’t help myself. This top is a new purchase that I just want to marry and wear every day. The colors say autumn, but it’s sleeveless, so I justified playing with it a little early. Isn’t the paisley print awesome? It looks like something you’d find on couch in a creepy church basement circa 1973. But as a top? I am in love. There are so many colors to work with, I could hardly decide. But I’m encouraged, because that means the top can get at least a couple of turns in the months to come.

Paired with a short skirt, tank and crop jacket for today, to keep the vibe summery and prevent from roasting in my car on the way to work. (Once I’m there, it really doesn’t matter. Hurrah air-conditioning!) But look for this top to be paired with all manner of cardigans, boots and scarves in the near future. 

Speaking of work, I need to sign off and go. Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.  P.S. THEME WEEK starts tomorrow!

Jacket – Work
Top – Work
Brown Tank – F21
Skirt – F21
Shoes – Thrifted (Candie’s)
Necklace – The Icing

Title courtesy of Static Revenger & Richard Vission feat. Luciana – “I Like That”