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Well, the title is probably a dead giveaway, so let’s jump right in, shall we?

WELCOME TO THEME WEEK! I kicked around a few ideas, and I think I actually have a solid theme week schedule in place for the rest of the year. So what’s on tap for August? Why it’s the oft suggested and requested Rainbow Week aka Monochromatic Week!

To be honest, I have put off doing this one because there are certain colors that I just don’t own in abundance. But, I have always wanted to do this. So. While I’m not totally sure myself how I’m going to work this thing, I’m still adhering to the monochromatic scheme. The only difference is that I may not go in rainbow order. And I may skip a color or two because I just don’t own enough stuff to pull it off. BUT there is one color that I own and have been quite in love with this year, so we’ll start this party right.

So as much as I love white in my wardrobe, there was something totally bizarre about wearing only white for the day. I haven’t worn this much white since that time I got married. Granted, Labor Day is still a week away. I’m not breaking any taboos that I know of, but  I still felt very symbolic (of what, I have no idea) and like I should be participating in some sort of religious rite.

Wearing all white only sounds cool in Ludacris songs (all white top, all white belt, all white jeans, body lookin’ like milk…) but in real life it is less that practical. Of all the days that I didn’t mind being out of coffee, this was it. (Or so I told myself. The husband quickly deemed decaf Jenny to be a problem and went to fetch me some Starbucks.) Luckily, if there’s one useful skill that has come out of the project, it’s that I’ve become very adept at shotgunning my coffee without getting a drop on my clothes. Today I just felt particularly ace, for pulling it off.  

I’d say the biggest challenge with all white is not looking totally awash. There is monochrome and then there is MONOchrome, as I found out with white. There are only so many shades of blanche and I wondered if my outfit would even photograph. I threw in the cream-colored scarf for diversity. But the key I think, to an all-white look is adding some texture. This cute eyelet jacket was one of my recent garage sale finds, and it worked out perfectly. Ditto my necklace, which is 3-D and therefore added some depth. All in all I’m pleased with the look. Now I’m off to go star in a Tide with Bleach commercial. You know the ones. Oh no! I wore this completely ridiculous white outfit to a spaghetti dinner and now I’m covered in pasta sauce! Who saw that coming? What ever shall I do? Etc.

Eyelet Jacket – Garage Sale
Plain White Tee – Work
Necklace – Work
Shorts – 5.7.9
Shoes – Wet Seal
Scarf – Work

Title courtesy of Counting Crows – “Round Here”