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Ahhhhh, you guys. I am so TIRED right now. It’s not even funny. I had a long day, which was not even really supposed to be long, but then it was. That’s the worst. I logged over nine hours at work and then hit the gym, where I logged a pathetic 15 minutes. Five of those minutes were running. First attempt back at it. The hip did not hurt, but it wasn’t comfortable either. Everything about me is out of line now. I feel like I’m going to have to do Couch to 5k, just to rehabilitate myself. This SUCKS.

But enough whining. Lest we forget that it is THEME WEEK. Who can be sad during theme week? I know, right? You can’t. So let’s continue.

It’s monochromatic week here at the Closet365 Project. I’ve been working the color wheel this week. Today is day three and a day that I was surprisingly super excited for. I was going to make a lame orange pun here, but forget it. Let’s just look at pictures.

Breathtaking isn’t it? And no I don’t mean me. I mean the sheer volume of orangeness going on here. Like whoa. Actually, I think you guys have this dress to thank for the implementation of this theme week. When I saw the dress, I couldn’t turn away. I wanted it so bad, but I knew the only real justification for an orange dress in my closet would be a color theme week. Otherwise, I just don’t wear that much orange.

Granted, orange has grown on me a little this year, but of as for the number of traffic cone colored items in my closet – you’re looking at em. Literally, all of them. Including the orange tank that is layered under the peach one, but that you can’t see in the pictures. I think it’s with good reason. See above for photographic evidence of how badly orange washes me out. BUT, that’s not to say I won’t rework the dress with other colors and continue to drop hints of orange into my outfits. Small doses of orange are fabulous.

I like the finished product, though. Definitely one of the boldest things I’ve worn to date, and a nice leap outside the crate. Er… box.

Dress – 5.7.9
Sweater – Thrifted (JCrew)
Shoes – Candies
Peach Tank – Work

Title courtesy of Coldplay – “A Rush of Blood to the Head”