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Hello all! Happy…Wednesday? I had to think for a second. It’s been a long week for me, but luckily, tonight is my Friday. Whoohoo. That’s all I have to say about that.

Anyway. Welcome to day four of our monochromatic THEME WEEK. I’m a regular rainbow this week, as I create my outfits using only one color at a time.

Today things got a little tricky. Enter yellow:

See what I mean? I’m a little disappointed by today’s getup. Mostly because I adore the color yellow. It’s a happy color, no? I used to be obsessed with anything and everything yellow. It was around the time I started dating The Husband and he used yellow trinkets as a way to win me over. Yellow keychains, yellow flowers, yellow cookies (yellow and frosted. BONUS!) Creepy yellow smiley face dolls that he pulled out of claw machines. He even painted his car yellow. Now that’s love.

So my feeling about yellow are quite concrete. And yet, despite my high hopes, Yellow Day fell a little short.

Two reasons. One: I own less yellow items than I initially thought. To be more precise, I own three or four yellow dresses, this scarf and my mustard cardigan.  And three yellow coats. What? You can never have too many yellow coats. Can you? Don’t answer that. But alas, it wasn’t jacket weather today. I tried layering the dresses but it just looked really stupid. So then I was left to pick one dress and accessorize accordingly.

Which brings me to reason number two: Not all shades of yellow meld well together. Yellow is unique in this way, I think. Whereas cool colors and really bright primaries can vary in shade and still look good together, these yellows just don’t get along. They don’t want to be friends. They’re just standing around at the party awkwardly. Pale yellow is looking at her watch. Mustard yellow is texting cyan at some other party and wondering when it might be polite to peace out. Bright yellow has had too much sangria and is staggering around somewhere out in the garden. What a lush, that bright yellow.

Um. I had a point. I think. But anyway. Live and learn, I say. To better luck with green! See y’all tomorrow.

Dress – Thrifted
Cardigan – Target
Scarf – Vanity
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Regina Spektor – “Samson”