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Hey guys! Happy Saturday!

First of all, thank you for all of your feedback yesterday regarding Theme Week. I really appreciate it. And I feel like I should clarify that I welcome ALL feedback, always. Positive and negative, so never be afraid to speak up. I work in retail, remember? I have pretty thick skin. And I don’t expect to please everybody, every day. With a project of this nature, there are bound to be some misses. I merely found it amusing that people’s main beef with some of the outfits was the abundance of certain colors. When really, there’s no way around that. Is there?

But hey, if any of you decide to attempt a monochrome outfit, please do hook me up with some pictures. I’d love to see your versions! As for me, I’ve gone one color left to complete my rainbow week. (Insert “Double Rainbow” joke here. All the way!)

Oh purple. How much do I love thee? Purple, came mercilessly easy to me today. I don’t own a ton of purple in my wardrobe per se, but the pieces I do own are some of my very favorites. Therefore, it was easy to cultivate one big purple mish-mash without much thought. I also own a number of purple accessories, so rather than pick and choose I threw on a multitude of items. (Double scarf all the way! What? I had to!) It feels like a collage. One big brilliant purple collage and I love it.

Sadly, the one element missing is my purple background. All this week I’ve been making an effort to find backgrounds that match the outfit, but purple escaped me. Alas, this door is sort of a purplish-maroon and will have to do.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. It’s going to be weird getting dressed in normal color again, but I’ll be back. See you there!

Dress – 5.7.9 
Purple Tee – Max Rave
Necklaces – The Icing
Shoes – Local Shoe Boutique
Scarves – Work

Title courtesy of Frayser Boy Feat. Paul Wall and Mike Jones – “Purple Drank”