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Oh hey! How’s it goin’?

I’m in a good mood today after a rather laborious Sunday at work. The good news is that I have two days off now. And then one day on. And then one day off. And then five days on. And then SIX. Count em’ SIX whole days off in a row. It will be the longest sabbatical I have ever taken in the two and half years that I’ve been at my job. But who’s counting? Yes, vacation is near and I can feel it. I’m still feeling pretty bluesy about the fact that my vacation won’t be spent running my first half-marathon. But I’m pretty sure it’s nothing that blowing mad cash on new clothes can’t cure.  Either way. SIX DAYS!

Anyway. Back to the daily outfit grind.

Do you know what’s important about today? I mean other than the fact that I have only nine more days until vacation. Well. It’s the day before Labor Day so it is the last day to wear white without breaking any etiquette taboos. (You can read more about the ins and outs of this, here.) Tragedy! I ordinarily couldn’t care less about this rule but since white and I have been practically BFF this year, I’m a little beside myself. I’ve explained before, what an etiquette junkie I can be. So while I won’t be shunning white completely, I will most likely only utilize it in small doses. At least until it’s safe to cheat with “Winter Whites.” Anyway.

I’m just glad it occurred to me in time, because how pissed would I have been if this dress hadn’t made the cut? I bought this dress during wedding season. Obviously not to wear to a wedding, but it made its way into my try-on pile and followed me home. Ten dollars for a cute white, printed frock? Um. GIMME. So home we went and I’ve been waiting for a good day. There was nothing particularly good or special about today, but it was Special Dress Day if nothing else.

The dress is strapless but since I was working indoors all day I opted for cover up. I may have lost a color to the changing of the seasons, but I have gained an element. Cardigan sweater time! As an added bonus this dress is fun in a starchy bouncy way that made me unable to resist twirling in it. Yes I am twelve. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to make a paper chain with nine links. (Six! Days!)

Dress – Ross
Sweater – F21
Necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Fiona Apple – “Pale September”