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Hi everyone! I hope this lovely Tuesday finds you well. I had a day off today and it was so very nice. Two reasons: thrifventures with The Mom and also it was PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE DAY.

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE DAY is admittedly a Jenny-generated holiday. As in, I just made that up just now. But you are more than welcome to join me in the festivities. They start now and last roughly through November. Feel free to celebrate any and every day between now and then.

See, I was not always (and am still not) a huge fan of Starbucks. For years I wouldn’t go there. Partially because I consider myself somewhat anti-establishment/corporate whoredom. (I have to rebel somewhere.) But also because I was completely intimidated. I was one of those people who got all angsty once in the doors, because I didn’t speak the language. WTF is a venti? Why can’t you just call it a large? And why do I have to order it in a certain order?! Why does it cost so much?! Help me Tom Cruise! So I just avoided it completely. But then one fateful October, years ago, a friend called and demanded we meet there to catch up. I immediately tried to dissuade him, by explaining that a) I hated coffee and b) I hated Starbucks. But being that said friend was male and gay, he didn’t really give a crap what I wanted to do and demanded I meet him there anyway. When it came time to order I took the easy way out and said, I’ll just have whatever you’re having. And it just so happened that he was having a pumpkin spice latte.

It was amazing. But I kind of forgot about it after that. It wasn’t until a few years later, when I walked into a Barnes and Noble (I swear I didn’t buy anything! Down with the man!) and the familiar scent wafted back to me, that I purchased another. And one more the year after that. And the year after that. And a couple more the year after that. And like ten last year. The Starbucks website dictates (ever-so-quaintly in faux chalk) that we “Take Comfort in Rituals” and on this count I have to agree. Any other time of the year, I can only justify frequenting Big Coffee on social outings. But through October, you’ll catch me stepping in about once a week. Shame never tasted so good.

What do you know? It’s the lost chapter of theme week. I guess I must still have the monochrome itch ingrained in me, as I chose this brownout ensemble completely without provocation. I was just thinking along the lines of something pretty and functional for our thrifting trip, as well as warm, because the day started off chilly.

In hindsight though, this outfit is totally equivocal to my pumpkin spice conundrum, and illustrative of my contradictory nature. Let’s break it down, shall we? For starters, this look is 100% thrifted. Score one for indiedom. Hooray individuality. You’ve got my bourgeois embroidered hippie dress. Some secondhand pumps and this cute granola-looking little sweater. Ah! But the devil is in the details. Satan takes many forms, and sometimes that form is that of tiny embroidered seagull logo.

Though I thrifted it, this cardigan hails from none other than Hollister, which is another place I hate. Why is is so dark in here? And so smelly? Why don’t they carry anything bigger than an extra small? Why is this t-shirt with holes in it $50? What? WHAT? I can’t hear you. It’s too loud in here…WHY IS IT SO LOUD?!  Still, amidst the safety of Plato’s Closet, it seemed kind of okay. Cute even. Those clever buttons. The little ties on each side? How could we resist those ties? Oh right. We couldn’t. And the fact that something from Hollister actually fit me? Well then. Maybe we can just cover the logo up with a little broach. Yeah. A nice little broach.

So the moral of the story? Well there isn’t one. Obviously, I am morally bankrupt when distracted by fun new things. But in the interest of conclusion… Final Summation: Do not go gentle into that good night, my friends. Unless it’s cute and/or tasty. And you really want it. Then it’s okay.

 Title courtesy of Outkast feat. Norah Jones – “Take Off Your Cool”