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Hey kids! I guess it’s that time again. This will actually be rather quick-like because I am having internet issues. (Thank you Comcrap.) Luckily, I think I can still make a post happen via Blackberry and Wifi. Let’s find out! Other than my interwebs being a big suck, I had a pretty good day. It was calm but not boring. I am off tomorrow and then on for five. So… SIX more days until vacation!


So, this is a rarity for me. I got this top thrifting yesterday and wore it today. That almost never happens because I am such a hoarder when it comes to new goodies. Our thriftventure yesterday, while uneventful, did yield some pretty stellar pieces and I think this may be my favorite of the bunch.

For the most part, when on these adventures I have to say I thrift for the future. I’m always thinking about one season ahead because I know that I’ll then have stuff to look forward to. Primarily yesterday, I was focusing on wintery stuff. Sweaters. Heavy knits. Closed toes. Etc. But this top, I think, is seasonless. Furthermore, it was too pretty to leave alone.

And so with no other planned garments standing in our way, I had at it. It was a joy playing up the romantic elements of the top as well as it’s bohemian side. I’m not usually one for tops as the showcase piece but my outlook may have changed at the behest of this top. Lovlier sleeves I can’t imagine but my horizons have been broadened. Who knows what else is out there.

Top – Thrifted (Paul and Joe for Target)
Jeans – 5.7.9.
Necklace – eBay
Green Cami – Work
Bracelets – Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Cole Porter – “De-Lovely”