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Hey gang! Well it’s Monday. So do you know what that means to me? Only ONE more day of work left until I am officially on vacation! I can’t believe it’s almost here! Actually I can. I’ve been waiting forever. Work was slow again, so I employed various forms of productivity to pass the time. It is incredible the amount of stuff you can get done when in the molasses space and time continuum. I kept choosing tasks that would ordinarily take me about half a day to complete, complete them, and then look up at the clock to find that only about fifteen minutes had actually passed.

I barely had the attention span for yoga tonight, but I knew it would help take the edge off of my building anticipation. And to break in my new mat. Recently, I reached my one year anniversary for regularly attending yoga. It was last September that I started going and I’ve scarcely missed a class since the beginning of the year. I go at least once a week if not more. I actually wish that I had more to show for my regular attendance but I can’t say I’ve improved all that much. I still can’t do fancy handstands and headstands. The splits are a long way off. Nor have I attained that ever-elusive yoga booty. All I can really say is that my ankles are more flexible and I am less stressed. But it’s enough to keep me coming back. Sometimes I hate myself a little for becoming one of those people who is “into yoga.” Still, it works for me. For what it’s worth, I am also into health food and entirely repulsed by piña coladas. I recommend not writing to me, if your objective is to escape.

Prediction: this outfit will not garner a lot of commentary. True enough, it’s pretty simple. But I have to say that this sort of combo is simply signature to me. And therefore I feel very comfortable, yet put together here. I am totally excited to be wearing pants for one thing. Not just pants but dress slacks. My preferred pant of choice. Secondly, I am wearing a cardigan and third, EMBELLISHMENTS. I personally got a kick out of covering the flower applique with my cardigan slightly, as if to say “Oh yes there is more to this flowerage, but I am keeping it under wraps. I just didn’t feel you could handle it.” It’s flower cleavage. And I love it. And yes, I am a very strange person.

There is only one thing I don’t like here, and that is the proportions. Proportion is actually something that I am still learning about. One of those things that did not necessarily come to my attention until I began taking full-length photos of my outfits every day. Being short, I often worry so much about things being too long on me. In a rare case today, however, the pants aren’t long enough to go with these shoes. They throw something out of balance and the overall aesthetic is disappointing to me. Lesson learned though. And next time I’ll wear flats with these trousers.

It’s an unexpected perk of the project and the blog that everyday I am learning something new. Growing and evolving just a little more. That’s what I like about life, too. Whether it’s flower cleavage or flexible ankles. Something new. Every day.

Cardigan – Max Rave
Pants – Thrifted (Gap)
Flower Top – 5.7.9
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklace – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of Northern State – “Better Already”