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Greetings! I am blogging to you live from Vacation. (Thank you WiFi!) Which is a mysterious and mystical place that I have not visited in far too long. But actually, I think it is a state of mind that I, at last, entered sometime around 1:00 this afternoon. Somewhere on 1-25 when the Denver skyline appeared in the distance. At least that’s when it finally set in that I was a) not going to work for the next few days and b) not in town. Granted, our “vacation” is more of a staycation, but that’s just how it worked out. Had we known that I wasn’t going to get injured and not be traveling to my race destination, sooner, I might have made other arrangements.

Such as it is, though, I am always down for a Denver staycation. Anything to be in the city. Some people avoid the hustle and bustle, whereas I am all about it. A hustle and bustle seeker, even. Since our travel plans were so last minute we’ll be doing a lot of bouncing around and playing it by ear. Tonight, we are in Denver just kicking around, then headed up to the mountains for some casino town fun. And then back to the city for copius amounts of shopping more adventures. If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll be trying to update via Blackberry as much as possible. Otherwise, regularly scheduled posting is still going down.

Today, our first stop was the zoo. Since we moved back to Colorado several years ago, the husband and I have enjoyed revisiting some of the fun destinations we enjoyed as kids. Last year we hit up the Museum of Nature and Science to find that almost nothing had changed. So this year, the zoo seemed apropos. As it turns out the zoo was some of the old and new. It’s been probably about five years since I’ve visited a zoo, and that was the itty bitty Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington, DE. Besides that, I’ve only ever been to the Denver one. So I can’t speak for other zoos, but I always consider them to be kind of a crap shoot. You never know if the animals will be out or not. Today we did pretty well. I was bummed to see that there is a hugemongous elephant exhibit under construction until 2012. Luckily there were still two housed in the old habitat. I am crazy about elephants, so at least I got to glimpse a couple. Otherwise I might have cried. For real.

I’m going to have to apologize in advance because it’s only now occurred to me how many recycled dresses are appearing on the blog lately. Two reasons for that: 1) Most of these initially appeared winterized and I want to sneak in alternate versions while it’s still warm. 2) These are some of my most beloved pieces. It was just an innate thing that I put together these outfits, wanting to look and feel my best on vacation. Alternate working title for this trip: A Consortium of Favorite Dresses. So while it may bore a few of the hardcore readers who have seen these before, I hope that the new renditions are a least somewhat fresh. And anyway, at least the scenery should be different the next couple of days. If nothing else.

And actually, I can’t take full credit for this one. This is my spin on an outfit that I saw on Kyla’s blog and became totally smitten with. I had already purchased this über versatile cardigan for fall and I knew that the look would be a good fit with my embroidered dress. Changed up a few details from my initial plan because it my version ended up needing a belt. Flip-flops would not have been my first choice but I slipped them on for comfort. Such is life.

Speaking of life, when did we last see this dress? Oh, I remember. It was on the eve of my Bolder Boulder disappointment. So basically this is just my dress for wearing when I set out to run something hardcore and then fail. But it still cheers me up because the dress is too freaking adorable. I can’t stay mad at life when I’m wearing this dress. So there’s that.

Dress – Thrifted
Cardigan – Work
Belt – Thrifted
Necklace – eBay
Shoes – Local shoe boutique

Title courtesy of The Eels – “Mr E’s Beautiful Blues (Goddamn Right)”