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Hello again. So I’m sitting at a penny slot machine called Super Happy Fortune Cat  and hoping nobody comes to claim it. See I’m not actually playing. I’m just using it as a place to sit and blog from my Blackberry. It’s day two of our staycation and tonight finds us up in the mountain casino town of Blackhawk.

The husband and I aren’t big gamblers but we occasionally like to come up here for a getaway. He likes the penny slots. I like the rooftop pool and fancy gym. And the buffet. And the people watching. But I do occasionally play a few rounds. My strategy is this: I sit and watch the husband play until he gets annoyed at my just sitting there and hands me some cash to go play. I then locate an easy machine where I can win a couple of bucks. I play till I’m up a little, cash out and pocket the change. Go find the husband again. He will then ask if I lost the money already. I’ll make a pouty face and nod solemnly. Sit and watch him play until he gives me some more dollars. Lather, rinse, repeat. Later I will spend all my ill-gotten winnings on clothes.

 Actually, I have pretty inherently terrible luck which seems only to worsen every trip. The first time we ever came up, I stuck a $5 bill in a machine, pushed some wrong buttons and won $90. But it’s been slow goings ever since and therefore I mostly spectate. And drink unlimited Diet Cokes until I have to be pried down from the ceiling. Wheeee!

Anyway. In light if our plans, today was sort of the casual dress day. Unfortunately Blackhawk, while a fun little casino destination, lacks the glitz and glamour of say Vegas. It’s very laid back and chill. Lots of older folks and tourists. The dress code is more… Hawaiian shirts and fleece jackets emblazoned with the casino logo. Maybe a sequined cap if you want to get fancy. Bring your lucky troll and your fanny pack. You get the picture. I’m not quite that casual, but I did want to pass with the crowd.

I also thought it might be chilly up in the mountains. I’m excited for leggings weather! But anyway I’m nice and comfy for an evening high rollin’. Who knows. Maybe this is my lucky flyaway. It’s cute enough to be lucky right? Well anyway… I’ll find out and get back to you.

Shirt dress – 5.7.9
Flyaway Cardigan – 5.7.9
Leggings – Work
Necklace – Work
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Ron Sexsmith feat. Chris Martin – “Gold in them Hills”