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Yo! What up? Happy Sunday!

Oh it’s almost painful that it’s Sunday evening, meaning my vacation week has come to a close. I spent the day trying to enjoy the last few hours of freedom. But actually, it’s not that bad. What I did was that I split up my eight allotted days of vacation time. Took five in a row, and then three later this week. So really, I’m only working tomorrow and Tuesday and then I’m off for another three. I did this because I knew eight days away from work would be way too many and also so that the husband and I could go camping. So I’ll go in tomorrow, get some work done, put out any small fires that need attending to, and then it’s off to the mountains.

I’m actually not sure how this is going to work for the blog. We may be out in the boonies for two whole nights, sans internet access. So I’m either going to have to take pictures ahead of time and schedule a post OR (gasp!) skip one day of posting and then follow up with a double post when I get back. Any thoughts? Would you guys live if I missed one day? But still blogged about it the following day? Would that be cheating on the project? I can’t decide. A scheduled post is easy enough, but waiting and taking pictures in real mountain setting might be more fun. TBD, I guess. But I’ll let you know either way.

So check out this crazy-ass frock! Okay, maybe it’s not that crazy. After all, I did commit to its purchase at one point. I actually thrifted it as a contender to be my Fourth of July dress but chose to go with the other applicant. (More experience, lower salary expectations, etc.) And then it sat. Or rather hung. And hung. And hung. And hung. It pleaded to go out a few times but all I could do was raise an eyebrow at it and wonder what I was thinking when I bought it. It’s just SO red and SO ruffled. It’s a prairie dress, but worse than that, it’s a BRIGHT RED PRAIRIE DRESS. These kinds of dressing decisions just don’t make themselves lightly.

Alas, today, with nowhere to be and nothing really better to wear, I decided I would take a chance on the dress. Worst case scenario, I told myself  I would gussy it up. Take a few pictures and then hide in my house the rest of the day. I had more courage than the dress’ previous owner, I guess. The tags were still on the poor thing. But anyway. Once on and fitted, it dawned on me why I bought the Amazing Technicolor Prairie Dress to begin with. It’s actually really cute!

A pair of pumps and a wide belt later, the dress almost feels sleek and chic. I also rolled the sleeves, for a more cuffed and fitted look. Sure, I got a few stares, as I ventured out to the library and the grocery store. But hey, haters is just jealous, right? Not everybody can get invited to the hoedown with a strut this fierce.

Dress – Thrifted
Necklace – Can’t remember, it’s old
Shoes – Thrifted
Belt – Thrifted

Title courtesy of  Laura Marling – “Blackberry Stone”