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Good evening. So good new, bad news. Bad news first. I guess we probably aren’t going camping after all. It turns out there is a huge campfire ban throughout most of the state, due to all of the wildfires we have been having. So while it’s totally understandable, it’s also not really worth going camping if you can’t have a campfire. So that’s bad news for me. I’m not sure what we’re going to do instead. The good news is that it shouldn’t affect the blog after all. Regularly scheduled posting shall continue. But hopefully we’ll find something else fun to do with my last three days off.

I was really looking forward to the down time. Especially having some time to read. Speaking of which, I could really really use some book suggestions. I’ve been kind of plowing through books lately and I would really like to read something spectacular.  So I’m asking everyone I know for recommendations and that includes you guys!  Just don’t say “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” I already got that suggestion on Facebook, twice. And I’ve already read it. Twice, as it just so happens. So tell me (besides “The Time Traveler’s Wife,”) what’s the best book you’ve read lately? Or ever? I’m open to pretty much whatever!

I actually have to do some pruning among my own bookshelves. The annual used book sale is coming up next week and I pretty much live for that shit. I show up about an hour after it  begins (after the early birds have cleared out, because they’re even more hardcore than me, and it gets kind of scary.) and I always come home with a big box. My collection is pretty complete after many years of attendance. However, the husband will not allow me to acquire any more book shelves. So I have to clear out some space on my existing one.  Hooray books!

Today’s outfit didn’t come out quite according to the original plan, but I am happy with the finished product. Sometimes fantastic combos happen in the most accidental of ways. These two tops, for example. I’d never even contemplate putting them together. They just decided to hang next to one another in my closet one day and it caught my eye. I liked what I saw. I jotted down the idea and then mulled it over longer. I decided to wait until it was a little more fall because I also knew I wanted to pair them with jeans and boots.

Cut to today. I knew it was still kind of warm out, but I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s been plenty crisp in the mornings lately. Unfortunately it warms up significantly during the day. We have entered the time of year for that schizophrenic weather Colorado is so famous for. So you would think I would know better, being a native and all. Not so much. My love for this combo trumped practicality and I went for it. And it was really fine for the first couple of hours of the day. But by the afternoon I was ROASTING in my boots and jeans. And layers. Oops. It doesn’t help of course that the air is broken in my store, as of late. If the complaint about yesterday’s outfit was that it was too summery, today’s look is entirely too wintery. Oh well.

The ruffle top didn’t look quite like I’d imagined over the button down, so I ended up using it more as a vest today. I was a little apprehensive about all the ruffleosity going on, but I adjusted after I saw the pictures. It doesn’t look nearly as fluffy as it feels and I think the ruffles add some flair. Also interesting: squeezing into skinny jeans for the first time this season. Oy. That’s something I wasn’t prepared for. I opted for my more lenient pair, but it was still a bit of a shock to the system, zipping them up. How do hipsters do this every day?

Blue Button-Down – 5.7.9
Ruffle Top – Work
Jeans – 5.7.9
Necklace – The Icing
Boots – 5.7.9
Earrings – Charlotte Russe

Title courtesy of Jakob Dylan – “Something Good This Way Comes”