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Helloooooo. Wow guys! Thank you so much for all of the great book suggestions. I appreciate the great response and I definitely added a bunch of books to my reading list. STOKED!

We did not end up camping, but we did head up to Estes Park, CO for the evening. Just a fun little tourist town excursion. It’s always a fun place for us to visit because this is where The Husband and I got engaged. There’s not a ton of stuff to do, besides well… be tourists. But we always enjoy an intense round or two of putt-putt golf followed by dinner out and me begging to visit all of the candy stores. Estes Park is also home to the Stanley Hotel, of “The Shining” fame. I love it, (and that’s where we took pictures today) but I won’t stay there. I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts or not. However, the one time that we stayed there, my disbelief was suspended enough to keep me up all damn night. So instead we are at a nice little inn with a view of the lake and the mountains. And free WiFi. Roughing it. Oh yeah.

Do you recognize this skirt? It’s kind of hard to forget, no? But can you guess why I’m wearing it?

Did you guess yet?

How about now?

Okay, if you guessed that I’m wearing this skirt because it’s amazing in every single way, then you guessed almost correct! But actually there is another reason. You might recall, that I last wore this skirt back in April on Day Number 100 of the project. This skirt made for an awesome celebratory garment and also fulfilled the request of my friend Meg, who won the giveaway. Did you guess yet? Okay I’ll just tell you. I am remixing this skirt today because I’m a big fan of bookends. I wore this skirt 100 days into the project and now I’m wearing it 100 days out to the finish. Yes, yes fancy friends! There are only 100 days left  in the year and of the project, as of today. Can you believe it?

One hundred outfits may seem like a lot. But after the first 265, I think I got this. I can’t even tell you how quickly this year has flown by for me. Admittedly, when I conceived the idea for this blog, one of my objectives was to quickly pass a year in my life. But the speed with which this year has progressed has exceeded even my expectations. Don’t be too sad though, 100 days to go means we still have 100 more days to have fun. A couple of theme weeks still impending. Crazy color combinations to be experimented with. Words to be made up. Punctuation rules to be broken. Ghetto slang to be flagrantly abused. And hopefully in the meantime, I will be able to brainstorm my next blogging project. Inspiration hasn’t totally struck yet, but I’m working on it. Suggestions always welcome.

Thanks so much as always for following the Closet365 Project thus far. To the next 100!

Skirt – Thrifted (French Connection)
Pink Collared Shirt – Gap
Grey Burnout Tee – Ross
Necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Europe – “The Final Countdown”