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Happy Weekend, all!

Thanks for sticking with me yesterday. I feel a little better today. Hopefully on the tail-end at least. I worked all day and now I’m just going out to dinner with some friends. Which is more than I do most Saturday nights, so yay!

Have I mentioned how much I love fall? Yeah. Probably. But I’ll say it again: I LOVE FALL! Today I got to wear boots again and I could not be happier. Becoming reacquainted with my boot collection is like coming home and meeting up with all of your old friends. Why hello tall black heeled boots! I’ve missed you so.

I guess I was feeling a little 90s grunge today. With a touch of girliness superseding. This ruffle top is new, and I love it. Although I’m not sure how well it worked underneath another shirt. The ruffles got a little squished and verged on pirate-esque. Speaking of 90s, it was getting a little “Seinfeld” up in here. In my defense, it was kind of on the fly that I put this together. I did not get up at my unGodly usual hour for outfitting. Hence how perilously close I am to breaking the leggings-are-n0t-pants rule. My tunic flannel covers my butt, but just barely. I did not notice this until I was already at work and it was too late. Oh well.

Anyway. Tomorrow begins another theme week and I’m super excited for this one. Goodnight for now, and be sure to tune in Sunday!

Flannel – Work
Ruffle Top – F21
Leggings – Work
Boots – Target
Belt – Stolen off a shirt
Necklace – Work

Title courtesy of CAKE – “Daria”