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Hello Hello! Well it is Sunday and it’s also the last week of the month. So do you know what that means? THEME WEEK! Oh hooray!

So being that it’s September, and being the fashion magazine addict that I am, I live for something very exciting that happens every autumn. Um. THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Made well-known by the Vogue documentary, some of you probably know that September is when all the fashion glossies put out their major fall fashion spreads. It’s usually the thickest issue, page-wise, of the year. And one of the best. The September issue of Vogue is one of the two issues that I look forward to all year (The other is the April Shape Issue, which I buy purely for sadistic purposes.)

So this month for theme week, I thought I’d do my own September Issue, blog style. I purchased a very fat, fat stack of magazines last month and combed through them all (it was hard work, believe me) for my favorite fall looks. I included advertisements, spreads and editorials, etc. which I will then do my best to recreate this week. Obviously I  lack a high-fashion budget, so that’s part of the challenge. Creating couture inspired-looks on an everywoman budget. Worse yet – the Closet365 budget. But I’m actually pretty excited about everything I have planned. So let’s get started, shall we?

First up is this amazing Vogue spread. Of all the many photos I mulled over and ripped out for inspiration, this is my favorite. I actually pulled two looks from this spread, so you’ll see the other later this week. I am in love the 1950’s styles done with vibrant modern colors. It’s all incredibly simple, yet breathtakingly gorgeous.

The original :
Silk Taffeta Skirt – Louis Vuitton ($2,865)
Wool Sweater with Peter Pan Collar – Miu Miu ($565)
Shoes – Louis Vuitton


Closet365 Version:
Skirt – Thrifted ($4.99)
Pink Blouse – F21 ($7.50)
White Blouse – (Old, but probably no more than $12)
Sash – (Stolen off a jacket, so $10)
Shoes – Thrifted ($4.99)

The price comparisons are just for fun. But I have to say I am really pleased with the Jenny version. It’s only slightly paler and a little more practical, I think. Just based on the fact that I didn’t have to DIY a floating white collar. I briefly considered it. I just didn’t think it would awe in real life, like on the page. Just shock. And elicit a lot of WTF? expressions on the faces of passersby.

I was also briefly concerned about the color combo. Sure, in print it looks rich and pretty. But would the pink/green just look tacky in person? And the black detailing? Would it confuse and detract? Luckily, all was well and I actually got quite a few compliments on the outfit. A random customer even asked me where I shop because she told me she has a friend who “has been trying to pull off the retro thing but is not doing so well”, whereas I “had it down.” I question her friendship ideals, but I’ll put serious stock in her opinions otherwise.

Probably, I’d say my least favorite thing with this challenge was trying to make something happen with my hair and makeup and photoshoot location. Some things are just better left to the experts, but I’m happy with my Vogue look on the cheap. Hooray theme week!

Title courtesy of Fall Out Boy – “Grand Theft Autumn”