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Hello! Welcome back to THEME WEEK: Day Three. This month’s theme is The September Issue. All week my outfits have been ripped from the pages (literally) of my favorite fashion magazines, in honor of the fall fashion spread extravaganza that happens this time every year.

Goodness I love glossy magazines. How about you guys? When I was a young lass of about ten, I cut my teeth on the likes of my mother’s recycled “People” magazines. Magazines opened up a whole new world for me. One that was glossy, fashionable and full of adventure. A world that looked nothing like brown Colorado or my boring suburban settings. Magazines spoke to me. By junior high I was killing my allowance on all the teen rags. And in college my obsession came to a head with me subscribing to all of the gossip weeklies which I would then cut all up. Making odd pop culture displays on my walls. Once upon a time I was fairly artistic, and while I dabbled in painting and sketching, my finest medium was collage. From time to time I still get the itch to just rip into a stack of magazines and make bad art.

Nowadays though, I have (mostly) curbed my addiction to the gloss. For one thing, it got too costly and for another, I can usually get my fixes faster online. But you’d never know it from the teeming stack of magazines beside my bed. And in my office. And on the coffee table. What can I say? I just love the feel of a brand shiny new magazine in my hot little hands. Is there anything better? Answer: No. There is not.

Really, I swear I’ve cut back! Even still, my obsession is serving me well this week as I draw inspiration from the cool crisp pages. Today’s inspiration is actually more of a composite of multiple advertisements and editorials. When you page through magazines as much as I do did just for this challenge, you can notice various patterns and similarities in the trends. One emerging movement that caught my eye was this whole cream/tan monochrome look that a number of designers are doing this year.

These are just three examples, but the look was kind of everywhere. And given my penchant for brights, as well as my recent monochromatic inclinations, I wanted to play too.

Now, as I said, this is more of a trend-watch than an actual page-to-practice conversion. The looks that inspired me were much heavier and practically winterized. However, in light of our record-breaking September temps today, I’m glad I opted for a lighter version.

Whether I’m channeling the likes of Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, et al. I’m not sure. But I will say that I love, love, love this outfit. I felt positively luxurious in my cream layers. I mean, isn’t this weird cardigan thingy gorgeous? I wasn’t sure what the hell it was exactly, when I first found it. The fabric kind of looks like some ugly towels my family used to use on camping trips, but as a drapey ruffled cardigan circa 2010? I am oddly smitten with it.  

Out and about, people seemed unsure what to make of this look upon first glance. I got a lot of random looks, because let’s face it, monochrome cream/tan on an idle Tuesday looks a bit overdone. I kind of felt as if I were on my way to some sort of christening. Still, once people took it in, I got a lot of compliments. Most commonly, people wanted to know if the dress was vintage. It never occurred to me that this was an old-fashioned look but I can most definitely dig it.

Dress – Thrifted ($8)
Cardigan – Thrifted ($16)
Belt – Thrifted ($1)
Shoes – Thrifted ($5)
Necklace – F21 ($4)

Title courtesy of Imogen Heap – “Wait It Out”