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Hello people! Welcome to Wednesday, which also happens to be Day Four of THEME WEEK! My apologies for anyone who wasn’t able to read yesterday. There seems to have been some glitch for those of you who are email subscribers. I have no idea what happened, but I’m really sorry. I promise it was up! Just scroll down one entry if you need to catch up.

If you’re just tuning in, our theme this month is The September Issue. Every September all of the fashion magazines put out their best fall fashion spreads, which I then ogle as if it were my job. But this month I am putting my mad magazine reading skillz to use by pulling my favorite images from the pages and turning them into outfit inspiration.

Today’s challenge comes to us from the Tommy Hilfiger fall ad campaign.

Have you guys seen this campaign? It can be found in most of the fashion magazines this fall and it is incredible. Easily my favorite thing out right now. I have to admit I’ve never been big into Hilfiger in the past, but this year their spread owns at life. I want it to be my life. They’ve fashioned it after a sort of waspy eclectic family (think Tenenbaums) having an old-fashioned tailgate party on a crisp autumn day. And even though it’s only a couple of thick pages of advertising space, it totally tells a story. If you want to be further invested, in you know…an ad campaign…they even have bios for all of the “Hilfigers” on the Tommy website.  I kind of love it.

With so much going on (the ad is about six pages including front and back) you’d think I would find a really mature and sophisticated look for myself to rock today. Wouldn’t you? Well. Not so much. You see, my inspiration can be found down in the bottom right hand corner. According to the website this is Chloe Hilfiger and while she looks to be about 10-years-old, she has all the attitude of a full-grown diva. Just look at those big sunglasses. That pose. Little sister friend is fierce. Truly a girl after my own heart. And what’s more, I actually really like her outfit. So that’s where I’m headed today.

Okay so, this wasn’t entirely about taking my style cues from a girl half my age (and then some). But more about working with elements I already possessed. My striped button-down is a dead ringer for the one pictured and we all know of my love for this orange cardigan. Of course, I had never thought of grouping such things together. That’s what makes theme challenges so inspirationally lucrative.

In addition to her Chutzpah, I lack Chloe’s plaid jumper, but I did have my trusty LBD of a similar shape and cut. And I really like how the pieces layered together. I like to tell myself that the substitution of a black dress is what elevates my version to a more age-appropriate level.

I was not able to find price comparisons on the original outfit. I perused the website but didn’t find the same items on there. Curious. I will say that Tommy clothes seem relatively affordable compared to some of the other items I’ve culled this week. And I actually used some of my own pricier items to recreate it.

And yet, I do know that my version is still less expensive. Less expensive that children’s clothing, indeed. (Now there is one thing I will never understand. Paying a lot of money for kids clothes. I once worked in a kid’s consignment store and I can’t tell you how many parents I dealt with who were in a perpetual state of being miffed. Irritated about the rapid rate at which their children either outgrew or ruined the expensive clothing that they bought them. And as result, I was sort of consistently also in a state of being miffed at the parents because, UM DUH.) But I digress.

Dress – Target ($26)
Button Down – Work ($12-ish)
Sweater – Thrifted J.Crew ($25)
Shoes – Thrifted Candie’s ($5)

Title courtesy of Vampire Weekend – “Cousins”