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Sup guys? Is anyone else ready for tomorrow being the start of a new month? I for one, am very glad. I can’t say September was a bad month. And it was definitely better than August. But otherwise it was a little meh. I think September is just that awkward time of the year for me. Summer is over, but it’s not fall or winter and everything just takes on a transitional and disorganized feeling. Maybe that’s just me. I’ve been in a disheveled state for a couple of weeks now. But I am looking forward to a fresh start. New energy. The whole bit.

But there is one good thing about the last week of the month, and that’s THEME WEEK! All week I have been paying homage to one of my favorite things about September – The September Issue of fall fashion magazines. All my looks this week are inspired by my favorite ads, layouts and other magazine images that I find to be inspiring. I have then sought to recreate these looks using my own wardrobe and budget.

In Style Version:
Top – Mimi & Coco ($75)
Skirt – J. Crew ($118)
Necklace – Dean Davidson ($465) 
Shoes – Bebe ($130)

Today we are going in a slightly different direction. This is a fall outfit directive from In Style Magazine. In Style is a mainstay in my magazine library. I started really getting into it this year because they include a lot of practical fashion stuff in all their issues, not just September. But September’s issue was chock full of these and since I frequently draw inspiration from their suggestions, I thought I’d just outfit recreate one.

The outfit on the right is the one that struck my fancy. I’m a big fan of blue and yellow together, but I never really thought about a jewel tone version. It’s just very striking. I knew I had these colors in my wardrobe. Although…hmm…there may have been a slight mix-up with regards to which color goes on top and bottom. Oh well.

Closet365 Version:
Cardigan – Target ($7 on clearance)
Skirt – F21 ($11.80)
White Blouse – Ross ($10)
Shoes – Thrifted ($3)
Necklace – Work ($4)

Yeah. I have never tried to actually follow one of these things verbatim, so right off the bat I guess I lose. Failure to comply with the most basic instructions. Blue on top, yellow on bottom. And I added a whole other shirt! But I did my best! I knew my colors were pretty damn close in shade. So does it really matter what order they go in? In this case, I think not. The combo is still quite fun. Unexpectedly sharp, even.

The guide tells us that this look will emphasize you legs with a high-waisted skirt. Mine is not high-waisted. In fact, this was the first time wearing it and I found myself yanking it down quite a bit. So as not so emphasize it’s lack of length. We are also informed that a bright long-sleeve tee will “refresh” the ensemble. Fail on the long-sleeve count, but I find this mustard color plenty refreshing. Yes/No? Last but not least one must keep it refined with a “simple silver necklace.” Finding a simple necklace in my rampant costume jewelry collection is kind of like trying to find a nice Christian boy to take home to mother, at the gay disco. Not entirely impossible, but Godspeed to you, my friend.

The spread calls this a “go-to uniform” but they never told me where I was supposed to go with it. I mostly sat around the house catching up on “Project Runway,” plucking my eyebrows and eating cookies. I hope that’s okay…

 Title courtesy of Green Day – “Wake Me Up When September Ends”