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Happy Friday, guys. TGIF! And Happy October! Excitement. I’m so happy it’s a new month. A new month meant a new gym routine for me. I’ve been totally scattered with my workouts since my half-marathon training ended abruptly. I was becoming rapidly complacent and doughy as my scatteredness devolved into full-on laziness. So I hit the weights hard first thing this morning and I feel a million times better. Endorphins are my anti-drug.

Anyway. We are almost wrapping up theme week. All week we’ve been celebrating The September Issue of all of my favorite fashion magazines. I’ve been putting together my outfits based on inspiration I found in the pages of the big fall layouts. I’ve been having a blast recreating this looks using only the clothes in my own closet and my meager monthly budget. In an ideal world we’d all have unlimited spendability to spend on our wardrobes. Alas, it’s kind of a cruel world. I believe Justin Bieber has something to do with it. But in any event, I feel like I’ve still been able to pull of some fun looks even on my limited scale.

What do we have in store for today?

There are no prices mentioned in this spread. Just words like Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, chiffon, diamond studs, Manolo Blahnik, organza, Swarovski crystals and Christian Louboutin. So I’ll let you wager on the math for this one. 

But to an extent, you can’t put a price on pretty. This gorgeous spread is another In Style gem. I’m only going to show you a couple of pages, but you’ll get the idea. All the pieces used for this spread were from various designers but all look as if they could have come from one collection. Apparently all the cool kids are doing lace this year, with a touch of feminine pink. I’m a pretty big fan of both pink and dramatic lace, so I was instantly taken with this spread. My turn!

Since the photo spread utilized many pieces, I had a bit of wiggle room in putting this together. Admittedly, the skirt is a new acquisition. I purchased in intentionally on my vacation shopping trip, with this shoot in mind. But I will wear it again and again. It is love. I know Forever 21 gets a lot of flack for knocking off designers and I totally understand the criticism. But I have to admit that it comes in handy for those certain items that you just. have. to. have. Regardless, I would have snatched this skirt up even if I were totally ignorant to the couture trend it borrows from. A cute skirt is a cute skirt.

I copied as many of the elements from the shoot and then added a few of my own touches. My awesome lace necklace from the Chic-on-the-Cheap giveaway. A shimmery top underneath. My feather headband. I think my version actually took on a more theatrical bent, but I’m okay with that.

My initial enthusiasm for the clothes in the shoot turned to fear once I had actually constructed my version. It felt a bit avant-garde for me, and for work. I contemplated changing, but my love of the skirt won out. I rocked this look in all its glory and was pleasantly surprised at how well-received it was. My employees actually all complimented my outfit, which is a rarity because a) They see most of my outfits and are therefore never really moved by my aesthetic and b) They usually regard me as the crazy old cat lady, who wears a lot of belts and cardigans and doesn’t like to make plans past 9:30 P.M. This outfit was just edgy enough to garner some props from 20-year-old set. Theme week wins again!

Sheer Ruffle Top – 5.7.9 ($14)
Shimmery Sleeveless Top – Kohls ($16)
Skirt – F21 ($17)
Shoes – 5.7.9 ($24)
Necklace – Chic-on-the-Cheap Giveaway ($0)
Headband – Work ($4)

Title courtesy of Sugar Ray – “Abracadabra” (Steve Miller Band Cover)