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Ah.The weekend is upon us. I ordinarily wouldn’t give a flip, because I’d be working. But I am off this errant Saturday, so that’s special. I’m going to a Muse concert later today. Kind of random, as I’m only partially familiar with their discography, but I’m excited. In an effort to cram for the show, I set Pandora to a Muse station and so far it’s almost eerie how many of my all time favorite songs are on this station. Apparently I am a huge Muse-ish fan, and didn’t even know it. That or Pandora raided the i-Tunes cache in my brain. Which is even creepier.

What else is special about today? Well, it is the very last day of our September Issue Theme Week. I’m really sad to see this one go, guys. All week I’ve been gleaning my looks from magazines spreads in my favorite fall editions. Thank you guys as well, for all the great feedback this week. It made theme week that much better knowing that I had the readership on board with this challenge. I feel like I could do this every day, it’s been so fun and inspiring. Something to ponder for future blogging endeavors maybe. Hmmm. But for now, we’ve got one final look to complete our theme.

The original:
J.Crew Merino Wool Caridgan worn (worn backwards) – $70
Carolina Herrera Lace Skirt – $1,490
Prada Patent Leather Belt – $355

As promised, here is the other look that I’ve pulled from the same Vogue spread as my first outfit. I loved this particular set so much, I couldn’t just do one of them. This one caught my eye because I just love the colors. That green is so gorgeous. And the pop of red is totally unexpected but what’s more unexpected, I don’t hate the red and green together. Ordinarily, I’d write it off as Christmasy. And while I do think this would be a super chic Christmas outfit, I think it translates nicely in the every day. It’s subtle but striking at the same time. The very definition of effortless chic. Let’s see if I can make it work quite so swimmingly.

Closet365 Version:
Sweater – F21 ($12)
Skirt – Thrifted ($5)
Belt – Wet Seal ($5)
Shoes – Thrifted ($3)

Of all the looks I thought I could pull off from my stack of images, I thought this one was going to be easy. I just figured it was so close to my own style, surely I’d have what I needed. That turned out to be not quite the case, but I did find all the items pretty easily. I had a backup skirt, but then found this one at Goodwill and liked it better. The sweater was easy because this luscious green is in season at a lot of stores. I lacked a bow belt, but had several options, including an actual red ribbon. I liked it okay, but after incorporating some fancy Boy Scout-esque knot tying on a regular red belt, I much preferred it.

The sweater was another Forever 21 find. Have I said how much I love this color already? Oh yeah. I guess so. But when I got it home, I didn’t love the fit. It looked nothing like the picture, nor was it terribly flattering. Upon further examination of my Vogue image I read that the model is actually wearing a backwards cardigan and I thought how genius! Isn’t it awesome the tricks these magazine shoots can rely on when it’s only happening in 2-D? Lucky for me, I tried the Kris Kross action with my own sweater and lo! It was an improvement on the look I was going for, but also it looks decent in the round. So problem solved. I did a little additional tucking of the hem to shorten it, and fluffed the sleeves. Et voila! I actually like my sweater better than the one pictured, now.

Minor hair emergency today, when I found out my hot water heater is on the fritz. I had to do a quick cold wash, which rendered my hair unresponsive to any and all forms of shaping. I think I got the curls to hold just long enough to snap a few photos. Full disclosure: I’m probably just going to throw it in a pony tail now and trade the skirt for some jeans in the interest of concert-going practicality. It’s been a high-maintenance kind of week and I’m ready to schlub it for a couple of hours.

Title courtesy of Muse – “Fashionless”