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You guyyyyyys. If you thought I was whiny yesterday, just get a load of today. You see, I still don’t have hot water at my house. This would be day three and our apartment complex hasn’t so much as sent someone over to look at it. Truly awesome of them considering we literally just signed another lease with the property. That’s some great service right there. I suppose not bathing is alright for some people. But when you have a blog that requires you to look cute, or at the very least, clean on a regular basis, it becomes an issue. I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of showering. I mean I do it. Obviously. But it’s always my least favorite part of my day. I prefer bubble baths, which are sadly not very practical or for people over the age of six. Still, I got desperate enough today that I actually went to the gym and worked out. Just so that I could take a real shower. Irritated? Yeah, a little.

I did do something exciting this morning ,though! My mother-in-law and I went shopping at the fabric store and acquired all the makings for Outfit #365: The Grand Finale. I almost typed Grande just then. But my final outfit is not something you can order off the menu at Taco Bell, it’s actually pretty Fancy McFancerton. Or at least it will be. That’s all I can really tell you but I’m pretty stoked. Now I’m just going to need to find a fancy party to actually wear it to. Does anybody want to invite me to their New Year’s Eve party? Can you believe there are only three months left until 2011? We better get planning. I promise I will bring something edible, probably involving frosting. And also I will not do any embarrassing dances. Well, okay, maybe just one. But that’s it. I promise.

Moving on.

So apparently I am on a little bit of a sticky-fingered bent with my clothes lately. After borrowing all last week from magazines, I then stole this idea from Elaine of Clothed Much. Everything she does is so completely adorable, I only wish I could pull off more of her styles. But this was a look that I loved and had all the stuff for already. So how could I not? I didn’t even do much tweaking of my own. I forgot some of the details because I put mine together from vague memory. Now that I’m tracking back, I wish I had opted for the scoop neckline instead of my collar. Either way, I love her version and I’m not a bit disappointed in my own. It was a really nice look for a casual fall day.

Tomorrow I assure you that I will put together something completely of my own volition. The other night at the Muse concert, we were admiring all of the eclectic styles going on around us and I came up with the idea for the ultimate style blog. I would take pictures of people off the street and then use the pictures to create my own version. Like a hyrid of both street style and personal style blog. And call it IStoleYourLook.com. I am so NOT doing this, just so you know. Way too intimidating and too much work. But feel free to steal the idea. I mean, I’d read that blog. I’m just not willing to write it. I can be kind of lazy, sometimes.

Skirt – F21
Polo – Work
Striped Cardigan – Thrifted (Charlotte Russe)
Belt – Thrifted

Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Jay-Z – “Lucifer”