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Oh my Lord people. I am in such the world of hurt right now. I met with a trainer at the gym and I’m pretty sure he wiped the floor with me. Granted, I kept up alright at the time but I can already feel the soreness setting in, which means the next day or four could be real doozies. Such exquisite torture is something I have just recently started doing on occasion to keep me challenged and motivated. I know the mark of a good trainer is their ability to push you beyond your normal limits but ask me again tomorrow when I can’t even touch my toes, and I may be singing a different tune.

Anyway, after I came to from my training session I undid all of my hard work with Mexican food. And I’ve been lazy ever since. Some days it’s harder than others to find the motivation to blog. Life handing me lemons and what not. But no matter how many times people have asked me lately, I’m not sick of doing the project. It’s true, some days are easier than others. But I believe that persistence has got to count for something in the end. I only have  88 days left and I feel confident that I’ll finish. Luckily today, I feel like I have an outfit that I feel is all-encompassing.

This is one of my favorite shirts. Like ever. Which is kind of unfortunate because I rarely feel ballsy enough to wear it out in public. The first time I saw it, I knew I had to have it, as it pretty much sums up my philosophy on working out, and life in general. You can really apply the logic to almost anything, including this blog. Every damn day. Just do it. Try it on for size. I really like it. I guess that’s why they pay the t-shirt slogan writing people and Nike the big bucks. It’s simple and yet I think it says it all.

I used to have a serious aversion to what I call “shirts with words on them.” As a general rule, I do eschew slogan apparel with the same disdain that I also reserve for bumper stickers. My overall philosophy is that some things just don’t need to be said. Ever. And those are usually exactly the kinds of things you find being said on t-shirts. The same people who wear shirts with words are usually the same people who join inflammatory groups on Facebook just to make a statement. I find them tacky and borderline offensive. Seriously. Don’t be that guy.

And yet, would you believe that I do own a couple of these types of shirts? It’s rather embarrassing. I have this thing for shirts that make outrageous use of four letter words. “Every Damn Day” is probably the most P.C. of the bunch. It’s not as if I seek them out. I just happen upon them from time to time. And if a shirt has a curse word on it, I feel compelled to buy it. Particularly if it’s the F word. Which is how I amassed a small but influential collection of shirts that I would never in a million years leave the house in. It’s a sickness. It’s like…shopping tourettes. I briefly considered making use of them in a theme week: A Series of Inappropriate Tees.  But really, I feel ashamed of my secret collection. I rarely even wear them to bed. I wouldn’t have busted one out at all, but I do so love this shirt. I knew it had to be done just once.

What about you guys? Do you own any seriously off-color clothing items? Confess! It’s okay, you can tell me. You’re among allies.

Shirt – Lady Footlocker
Denim Capris – Wet Seal
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Cee Lo Green – “F**k You”