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Happy Thursday! So far no standouts on the catchphrase front. But I’ll keep thinking on it.

I’m actually going to make this quick because I’m kind of tired. I have yet to get used to this getting-dark-early thing. By the time I leave work most days, the sun is completely M.I.A. and it completely kills my energy. I can go from peppy to drowsy as soon as I step out the door. Actually, the weather in general has me very off-kilter right now. It’s supposed to be fall. The mornings are pretty crisp and chilly. But then it’s still getting very hot. I want my proper autumn already! Because Lord knows it’s going to snow before the month is up. I just know my Colorado weather. And it will always snow to ruin something in October. Last year it was homecoming. Many years it’s Halloween. I have a lot of unfond memories of Halloween costumes ruined by a sudden blizzard. Yes, I am still bitter at the age of 27, about how many years I went without dressing up as Ariel. Because a snowsuit under a Little Mermaid costume simply would not do.

Anyway. Ohmigod I am being such an old lady right now, gabbing about the weather when noooooobody cares. Not even me. Seriously. Time to just dispense with today’s outfitness.

When I used to play piano, I can recall learning a little ditty called “Why Am I Blue?” It was just a very simplistic exercise. It was supposed to serve as an introduction to syncopated rhythms, if I remember correctly. But all I really remember is the illustration up top, with a couple of morose looking frogs. And for some reason the tune and the picture always pop into my head when working with my blue-heavy wardrobe.

Remember during monochromatic week, when I said that I had too many blue items to choose from? Well here is proof. Today’s all-blue look happened completely without provocation. One minute I was just sifting through items I felt like wearing and trying them on, when I hit upon this combo and decided it would do.It’s true I am drawn to blue things, when shopping. Like this new scarf of mine. And this sweater. And these pants. Really the only thing not blue, is my shoes. I even wore a blue dress yesterday. So I guess the blog has officially hit its blue period.

So why am I blue? A lot of reasons, I’m sure. But right now, I’m thinking it’s because my pants are too long. A couple of weeks ago I had on too-short trousers. Now this week, too long. A girl can’t win. I even have  a brilliant new pair of jeans sitting in my closet that I literally cannot wear until I get them hemmed properly. I was watching a “Tyra” episode about tapeworms the other day and I think the point of the show (if there’s ever a point on Tyra) was how sad the lengths that people will go to alter something they don’t like about their appearance. But seriously? Being short sucks. If there was some sketch parasite that I could ingest to grow a couple of inches and be able to find pants that fit? Well… I just might do it.

Pants – Thrifted
Sweater – F21
Scarf – Work
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Regina Spektor – “Blue Lips”