Happy Friday guys!

As usual I am doing absolutely nothing with my Friday night. I remember when I used to do fun things on a Friday. I think I was in the sixth grade. Even the husband ditched out in light of having actual plans, but somehow my invite always gets lost in the mail. Sad day. It’s fine though. I enjoy being a curmudgeon at home for the most part. The best party is the one that I’m at. Even if I’m the only guest. Or so I tell myself.

Anyway. I’ll be brief, but I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

I am really pleased with today’s outfit. Oh little bolero, how I’ve missed you! I bought this thing with every intention of wearing it lots because I liked it so much. The flaw in the plan of course, was that there are only so many ways to wear a little nautical-looking bolero. It’s not exactly a versatile piece.

Luckily, now that the weather has changed, I might have a few more remixes for this thing, in store. First up was pairing it with my read cowl neck sweater. Poor thing is quite old and been through the ringer, but the bolero was just the thing to freshen it up.

I haven’t been feeling very confident re: skinny jeans lately. In fact I wasn’t even going to go there. I tried these on more out of desperation for some kind of pairing and, for better or worse, found them to be the best combo with the top half of the outfit. Last but not least, boots! Boots always at least somewhat negate the fear factor of skinny jeans. So there you have it.

Red Cowl Neck Sweater – Work
Nautical Bolero – 5.7.9
Jeans – 5.7.9
Boots – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of Simon and Garfunkel – “I Am a Rock”