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So I figured out at least in part, what to attribute my mellow moods to lately. A lack of rap music. In the fall I have such a tendency to gravitate to sad bastard music that I have been completely neglecting the needs of my inner thug.

Sure there are advantages to the melancholy stuff. The other day I was feeling nostalgic. So I busted out CAKE’s “Pressure Chief” for the first time in years. I drove around in the cool weather just listening and singing along. I was excited that I still remembered all the lyrics. Music lyrics never seem to leave me. Some day I will probably be old and in a home and not even know the names of my own kids but I’ll probably still have verbatim recall of the words to Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage.” Mixed blessing I guess.

Actually my archives of useless information are quite vast in general. My dream in life is to someday rock a game show. If anyone reading has hookups at “Wheel of Fortune” please reach out to a sister. I can solve a puzzle in two letters and I have a collection of TV-worthy outfits at the ready.

This might be my favorite outfit of all year. I’m just saying. And I know that’s probably not the first time I’ve said that. Or the last, perhaps. But seriously? I LOVE THIS OUTFIT.

This dress was such a little gem. I stopped by Goodwill one night to drop off my own donations and was poking around when I found her. I was instantly taken with the color (Cream! which is not white, so therefore appropriate this time of year, but a splendid substitute for its sister color.) And the lacy polka dot texture? Oh oh oh! I might have fainted a little. And this dress was there to catch me. And then we got ice cream cones and rode ponies into the sunset. Okay maybe not. But I can’t even get over how much I adore the dress. I don’t think I even tried it on. It was new with tags and priced at $6, so away we went. I saved her for a couple of weeks now, but could resist no longer. I added layers today for warmth and interest, but I think the dress is a stand alone piece. She can do no wrong.

Also, aren’t earrings fun? They are my most neglected accessory. On a day like today, I felt a necklace would have caused too much of a stir in an already busy neckline. These earring on the other hand, did just what needed to be done, to pull the look together and play off of the print of the dress. But I digress. No more justification needed. New favorite outfit. End of story.

Dress – Thrifted
Blue Button Down – 5.7.9
Earrings – Wet Seal
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of CAKE – “Wheels”