Question for you guys: what are your dressing up plans for Halloween? Who’s doing a costume this year? And if so, what are you dressing up as?

I’ve been thinking about Halloween quite a bit lately. At present, I have no big plans for the holiday. I am working, because I am almost always the only employee willing to work it. And really, I enjoy being at the mall on Halloween, because it’s the only way I actually get to see little kids in costumes and hand out candy. Living in an apartment, trick-or-treaters are pretty sparse. So the mall provides me with a little more action on my favorite holiday.

My favorite thing is celebrity costumes. A couple of people prompted me that I should do Lady Gaga this year, but as in turns out, pretty much everyone is doing Gaga this year and thus I refuse. In lieu of that, I’ve brainstormed some other pop stars I could go as. 

I am thinking about going as Ke$ha. It would be a pretty easy costume. Pros – added incentive to go to the gym this month. And a week off from washing my hair. Cons – might look eerily similar to my Dirrrty Christina costume from 2003. (What did I do with that wig anyway?) OR, I was also contemplating Justin Beiber. My bangs are positively shagadelic at the moment. So all I would really need to do is not touch them for two more weeks. Pros – Really inexpensive. All I would need is a trucker hat and some big shoes. Plus, Justin and I are about the same height. Cons – I think my voice is too deep.

I am going to give this some more thought. The problem is that I always concoct these elaborate costume ideas in my head, and then I just end up dressing up like a gypsy for the eighty-millionth year in a row. Input is welcome.

In the event that I do not get to dress up like a laughable pop star for Halloween, I feel like I am at least somewhat fufilling my diva duties today with my glittery scarf and enough necklaces to give someone whiplash. But really, all these accessories are just a diversion, created to distract you from the fact that I didn’t try very hard today.

Sure, there is a lot to be said for a simple black and white combo and exaggerated accessories. I thought it looked pretty good all said and done. There just wasn’t a lot of thought or effort involved. Or maybe what really happened is that I spent too much time and the gym, didn’t shower and had to throw something together super last minute.

Maybe. But if that isn’t rock and roll, I don’t know what is.

Top – Thrifted
Scarf – Work
Pants – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklaces – Various

Title courtesy of Common feat. Pharrell – “Universal Mind Control”