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Someone gave me a once over today, and then asked which number outfit I was wearing. This has happened to me a couple of times, and then I feel embarrassed because I honestly don’t keep track. I’ve kept an eye on certain milestones, but I only occasionally look up what number I’m on. I suppose I should have been numbering these like prints. 90 of 365 or 14/365, etc. but in truth, I never got around to it. Whoops.

I guess we are actually getting to about that time when we could start counting down. But the truth is, I’ll be a little sad when this is all over. Sure, I am still planning on doing blogging of some sort (no I still haven’t figured out what the next adventure will be) but I do know that it will not be a mandatory daily venture. I am looking forward to the little bit of extra free time and the occasional pajama day, but otherwise, it makes me nervous to think about counting down. What will I do when I don’t have to get dressed up and take pictures and write every day? Hmmm. Let’s forget I even brought it up. Denial is awesome right?

I promise I am more pleased about this outfit than I appear in pictures. I must have taken 100 shots, but I look irritated in every single one. Stress is bad for your face, kids. I think I finally believe the old wive’s tale about your face sticking, if you make the expression too much.

So, behold outfit #286. Which means only 79 more outfits to go. If nothing else, I am finally at a level of comfort with  my wardrobe that I don’t feel the need to hoard cute things. It only took ten months, but I finally feel confident enough in my mixing skills and with the volume of stuff. If the day calls for a piece that I love but have been saving, I’m ready to bust it. No more holding out.  I’m excited.

Which is how today’s look came to pass. I have had these pieces for about a month. I had a strong suspicion they would go together and I think I was right. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. Because whereas the dress is pretty intrinsically summery, the cardigan is very well…not. Still, the colors were so similar, I had to try and I am most pleased with the combo. The dress is thrifted possibly handmade. It has no tags, but it’s also reversible. So maybe not. Ordinarily I’m not big on tropical prints. But something I am big on is red and light blue together. Awesomeness! I’m also excited for this cardigan for winter. The color is just delightful. But also, it’s warm and comfortable and I got it wicked clearanced. So pretty much all good things. I’m looking forward to future wearings.

Dress – Thrifted
Cardigan – Charlotte Russe
Necklace – The Icing
Belt – Wet Seal
Shoes – Work

 Title courtesy of Amy Winehouse – “October Song”