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Whew. Long day dudes. Weird also. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I had to deal with a load of crap today, but there were some good things too. And while I am a brutal cynic at heart, I’m also a big proponent of focusing on the good, because dwelling on the bad is so pointless. You know?

I went and picked up my race packet today for the 5k on Saturday. I am SO excited for my first race back in the saddle. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m not putting a super lot of pressure on myself. I ran this race two years ago, so I have an old time I’d like to beat, but I am not going to be disappointed if I don’t break my personal best. I’ve kinda been out for half the summer. So anyway, I picked up my race bib and obligatory t-shirt. Pickup was on campus, so I decided to use this as my annual visit for the year. Even though I am an alumnus by five years, I still miss school terribly and I especially miss my beloved campus. I poked around some of my favorite spots, ate lunch at the student center, felt ridiculously old and then left.

After that, it was my day to get together with the kiddo I mentor. Our meeting time was rather brief today, so we made the best of it with Coldstone and shooting some hoops. Also, The Kiddo (who is ten, if you haven’t read about her before) taught me everything I could ever need to know about “Jersey Shore.” I don’t watch the show, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her wax philosophical about Snooki and The Situation. I asked her didn’t she think the show was silly, and she agreed that it is, but that she likes to watch it because it has “number one drama.” I wondered if she was old enough for me to explain what a “trainwreck” is, but decided that it might wait for another day.

Okay. So. Yeah. I am not digging today’s outfit at all. I would have changed, had I not been gone from my house all day. I woke up this morning and it was super chilly and crisp. And I was meeting The Mom for coffee, so I thought hooray! sweater weather! and bundled up for the occasion. I thought it a little eccentric-looking at the time, but I figured I could always amend it at some point. unbeknownst to me, it proceeded to get balls hot out as the day wore on. My errands wore on and I still couldn’t change. I kept peeling off layers, to no avail.

Sundown happened upon me before I ever got a chance to get home and I barely snapped these crappy photos before the light went behind the mountains. Ah well. It’s a flop but there are 70-something days left to redeem myself.

I told you I was focusing on the positive!

Title courtesy of M.I.A. – “Jimmy”