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Happy Happy Weekend to you!

It is a special weekend where I live because it’s Homecoming weekend! My race this morning was the Homecoming 5k, and while I have to miss out on the majority of the events for work, I still count homecoming as a favorite event of mine every year. It was three years ago, nearly to the date, that The Husband and I moved back to our hometown as part of a job opportunity for his career. In many ways it has not been my favorite move. We live in a nice place and we are close to much of our family and friends. But there’s just something un-thrilling about moving away and having autonomy and new places to explore and then giving it all up to go live in the same place you’ve lived practically your entire life.

But every October, Homecoming rolls around and reminds me about a lot of the things I do love about Here. Growing up in a university town, it’s always been a special time. I have so many fond memories of parades and decorations and ballgames and festivities. And because I am inexplicably laden with school-spirit I get very excited. My excitement carried me through a decent race this morning. I finished only 20 seconds behind my last 5k (and personal best) in July. I was pretty nervous and held back quite a bit, but I am pleased to finish so strong at my first race post-injury. It feels damn good.

You need not adjust your monitor settings. I really did wear this oddball color combo today. As if you probably hadn’t already guessed, I am sporting school colors today. And it’s like a law of the universe, or something, that all school colors must be chosen from the same hideous broken color wheel. Why else would anyone ever thing that green and gold could go together? But as I previously mentioned, I have abundant amounts of school spirit (you can take the girl out of cheerleading…) And so, on the one day of the year, where I could safely rock them without judgement. Well, why not?

Color choices aside, I really like the pretty pieces we have going on. Since I am past my prime academic years, I like to think this is a more grown-up version of your standard tailgating attire. While still representin’. And still using phrases like “representin'” Because, I may have grown up, but apparently some things never change.

Ruffle Blouse – F21
Cardigan – Target
Pants – Kohl’s
Jewelry – Work
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Radical Face – “Welcome Home”