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Good evening. I have a few items on the blogkeeping agenda. This is exciting! It reminds me of when I was student council secretary in the 6th grade. The most exciting office I have ever held, because it gave me an excuse to just sit and not talk but also write things down. Plus, I thought I was beyond cool, because every meeting got to carry the special binder. I would take the minutes using a different Hello Kitty pen and I felt like the epitome of sophisticated. Even if student council was for nerds and even the other council nerds members failed to notice my special pen collection.

But anyway. Things have felt a bit jumbled lately. Here are some goings on. First of all, I am way lame at commenting on other blogs lately. So I wanted to issue a blanket apology if I haven’t stopped by your place lately. Chances are, I’m still reading in my free time. I just haven’t had the time and energy to comment. Sorry!

Second, I am feeling pretty stoked because I think I am onto something regarding my next blogging project. Nothing is for certain but of all the things that have been brewing in my brain, something is finally starting to take shape. I am going to give it some more thought. In fact, I am going to hole up in a cabin (in the middle of nowhere) later this week, to really let it stew and start plotting my next move. In actuality the plan is that the husband and I will be catching some R&R up at my parents’ cabin for a couple of nights and there is no WiFi where we are headed.

In light of that, I should add that I will be missing a posting date on Thursday. GASP! I know.  But I will do a double outfit post on Friday to catch you up. And there may or may not be a giveaway to make up for it. Stay tuned!

I’m not sure what I think about this outfit. I built it primarily to revolve around this cute sweater, but it proved rather tricky. I love the colors, but this bright blue didn’t translate to many other things in my closet. I opted for a little more neutral action to bring it full circle and was surprised at how much I liked the white/blue/tan/black thing happening.

Our problem piece here is the skirt. It’s an awesome skirt. You maybe can’t tell in photos, but it’s got a lot of texture and paneling and just a really interesting shape. I think it’s swell. Unfortunately the feeling isn’t mutual because this skirt does not fit me. Not even a little. It never really did, but I was stubborn enough to buy it three years ago and even more stubborn in my refusal to pass it on, even though it is made for a taller girl with a thicker waist. Today I tried cinching it up and belting it underneath the layers, but it kept slipping down and just felt awkward. Even it if it did fit in the waist, the length leaves something to be desired. I think I am finally going to throw in the towel. At least I got one honest wear out of her.

Verdict – I am pleased with the overall idea of the outfit. Just not crazy about the fit, which sort of zaps the whole effect.  This outfit can sing but not dance. It can sort of act, but should stick to side bits in B comedies. It is not a triple threat.

Sweater – F21
Black Blouse – Ross
Skirt – Ross
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklace – Target

Title courtesy of The Cardigans feat.Tom Jones – “Burning Down The House”