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Howdy friends. Where is everyone this week? It’s been kinda quiet. I had a pretty quiet day myself. I have some days off this week. Thanks to so many accumulated vacation days and so few actual vacations this year. I am now in that crunch time where I have to use them or lose them. Last year I ate about 40 hours of vacation time, so this year I am SO NOT doing that. Even if it means just dispensing random days off throughout the end of my year. Anyway. Not that you needed the play-by-play, but that’s why I have days off lately.

Today I spent the morning on a thrifting adventure with The Mom. It turned out to be more misadventurous than anything. Starting with the finicky weather. (Are we raining? Are we sunny? Warm or cold? Or are we just going to start dumping snow? The suspense – it kills.) For a change of scene, we decided to trek north of the border to Wyoming. Wyoming is a special place. I’ll say that much. A magical land of country music stations and abandoned buildings. Also Western Wear. But I figured it for a veritable thrifting boomtown, only to be quite incorrect.

We were able to hit a few stores. A couple were closed. I got a decent enough haul at the ones we did visit and then we dined. My fortune cookie at lunch informed me that prosperity was headed my way. Unfortunately, the cookie did not specify when this prosperity would strike and it did not happen at our next stop back in town. I found two more items and then we had car trouble and opted to cut the trip short.

No matter though. I was grateful for the outing and excited about my finds. It was the highlight of my week, thus far.

We are also entering that awkward time of the year where dressing for the weather becomes next to impossible. For the next 1-6 months, anything could happen weatherwise. I chose my outfit this morning thinking it would be crisp but sunny. It ended up being cold and windy. I originally had  on a polo underneath my cardigan, but swapped it for long sleeves after freezing for half the day. I made a good call on the boots and knee socks but could have stood for some additional stocking coverage for my knees. I guess this is why people where I live just pile on the layers in abundance, and I often follow suit, but today I just kept coming up short. Oh well.

In spite of it all, I enjoyed this look. It was fun and cheery enough to lift my spirits, yet autumnal enough to fit the mood du jour. I’m going to call it a day and spend the rest of my night off chilling out. Warm dinner. Cats sleeping on fresh piles of laundry on my bed. Mad Men finale on my DVR. All’s well that ends well.

Skirt – Thrifted (F21)
Caridgan – Thrifted (Hollister)
Long Sleeve Tee – Work
Belt – 5.7.9
Boots – 5.7.9

 Title courtesy of Jerrod Niemann – “Lover, Lover”