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Da da da dum dum dum! Da DUM! Okay sorry. That was my lame attempt at a musical intro. A little onomatopoeia (yes, I had to look up how to spell that) to set the tone. No? Okay. Well it was worth a try anyway. I felt like a little bit of fanfare was in order. Why? BECAUSE IT’S THEME WEEK!

Here at the Closet365 Project, the last week of the month is always theme week. I do this to break up the monotony (ever-so-slightly) of daily outfit posts by drawing inspiration from other sources and challenging myself to create new looks based on a theme.

Now, you may have read yesterday that I was feeling a bit stumped as to what to execute this month. I weighed a variety of options and I was under a lot of pressure, given that it’s the last week of October and therefore very close to Halloween. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. I’m sure you could never guess why. And no, it’s not candy corn. Although that runs a close second. I love Halloween, because it’s the only time of the year when I feel like the rest of the world is on the same campy page as me. Costumery abounds and people aren’t afraid to embrace new and different looks. If only every day could be Halloween.

So with so much inspiration in the air, I could scarcely decide what to run with. In the end, I decided that since it is Halloween Week (Well in my head anyway. I give it a whole week, not just a day) I would incorporate the idea of costume into my daily wardrobe choices. Only, I still have to wear this garb all day, including to work. So the outfits still have to err on the side of practicality. The good news is that I do this every day already, to some extent. Incorporating ideas from an amalgam of sources in my brain. Like any fashion enthusiast, I hold up certain folks to be the epitome of fashion and inspiration. Enter: Icon Week.

All this week I’ll be choosing my outfits in homage to some of my favorite muses. First up:

We needn’t dig super deep to understand why I love Coco Chanel. Madame Chanel was a pioneer in 20th century fashion. She rose from modest beginnings as a singer and seamstress to create a legendary fashion empire, which stills stands today. Her influence on feminine style and her contributions to design are almost immeasurable.

And plus, Madame had a thing for pearls. So what’s not to love? Coco Chanel was a classic. I can only pay my humble tribute as such.

Coco Chanel had a way of making excess finery look simple and chic. Not just the pearls. The dramatic lines and silhouettes. It’s calculated, to be sure, but the look is always perfection. Therefore, to try and create my Chanel costume for the every day, I stuck to the basics. This black dress has such a simple but elegant shape and I love it muchly and thought it well-suited to the Chanel era.

Next, I own only one real pearl strand myself. But what my pearl stash lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in magnitude. I threw on what I thought to be an appropriate amount of baubles and the look was virtually complete. I added some red lips and a ribbon around my hair for dramatic flair, but I must say I felt completely at home in this look. It doesn’t feel like a costume at all. Just a rather fancy get up for a random Sunday, with just enough flair to brighten my day. The joie de vivre of Our Lady Coco, shining through.

Merci beaucoup theme week!

Dress – Thrifted
Pearls – Various
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Bob Dylan – “Gotta Serve Somebody”