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Hi guys. Is it really only Tuesday? Could have fooled me. The good news, is that means we’re on day three of THEME WEEK!

Our October theme week is Icon Week. All week I am creating costumed looks honoring my personal icons of style and culture. As I put together my outfits, I’m discovering just how big of an influence an icon can have on one’s personal style and wardrobe choices. Today when it came time to put together my look, I had plenty of items to choose from. Directly or indirectly, my muses often inform my personal taste. So who is behind today’s inspiration?

Jacqueline Kennedy. An American icon and a style icon for the ages. From her big sunglasses to her perfectly tailored suits, there aren’t many who would dispute her influence on American fashion. Jackie to me, epitomizes grace and class. Even under pressure, the lady was flawless. We could all take a page from her playbook. And if not, well, who wouldn’t want to dress like the former first lady?


I have a lot of Jackie-influenced pieces in my wardrobe, but I have to say this jacket is my prize gem. It was vintage when I acquired it. And that was approximately ten years ago. It was my costume for a play and I had all but forgotten about it. It wasn’t until the other day that unearthed it from a closet it my parents’ basement. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for this theme week and I fell in love with it all over again.

Now, I have always admired people who can pull off such bold pieces without flinching. Rocking the vintage takes a special talent, of which I’m not sure I possess. As much as I love this jacket, I’ll be the first to admit it’s rather eccentric. I felt nervous about wearing it out in public as if it were nothing. It’s also slightly oversized, which led me to feel like a small girl playing dress up. Oversized sunglasses? Ain’t no thang. But an my big pink jacket led me to feel quite rogue. Even for me.

Still, as I finished styling the whole thing, my confidence grew and I tried to channel Ms. Jackie to the best of my abilities. Ask not what a pink vintage jacket can do for you, but what you can do for the pink vintage jacket. I got several compliments and apt comparisons to lady Jackie O. herself.

I was out taking pictures and not soon after I’d said up my tripod, I noticed I was being watched. A grandma and baby, residents of a nearby condominium, apparently decided I was their morning’s entertainment. They just stared blatantly as I posed and snapped. Now, ordinarily, this probably would have bothered me enough to pack up and leave. But on this day, I just went about my business. Gave them my best first lady wave as I climbed into my car and left.

Jacket – Vintage
Dress – F21
Tights – Thrifted
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of The Spice Girls – “The Lady is a Vamp”