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Welcome to Friday, guys! Hooray right?

My sincerest apologies – in my tired haze and my haste yesterday, I neglected to draw and post our giveaway winner. DUH! Sorry! So anyway. Out of 25 email and comment responses I used random.org to select my autumn inspired prize package and we do have a winner…

Julie M.! Congrats! Email me and I’ll make arrangements to get your goodies to you. And thank you thank you thank you to all of you who provided feedback. You are all super awesome and the info you provided really helps. I wish I could send you all some chocolate covered candy corn. It is truly dangerous.

Anywho. We are at the tail end of our October Theme Week. All week we’ve been admiring some of my favorite icons of style and culture. Using my own clothes to recreate their looks and pay my respects. So who’s up for today?

I just adore Twiggy. As icons go she isn’t necessarily inspirational to me. However she embodies fashion in my mind. One of the first super models and the epitome of 1960s style. Twiggy and I have so little in common. She is kind of tall and lanky and blonde and I am kinda…well…not. But I thought I’d have fun with this one anyway.

Twiggy wore, and introduced us, to some of the best clothes of her era. I don’t own a lot of 1960s inspired garb so I just stuck to the basic silhouette. This newly thrifted skirt seemed perfectly appropriate, as did my ever-faithful go-go boots.

And can we talk about this jacket? The Mom nabbed it for me on our last thrift trip and for $6? Vintage? That pattern? Made of 100% double poly knit? With a tag that reads “Panhandle Slim?”  Funky fresh! And I didn’t even care what I’d wear it with. Sonny Bono called and said he wanted it back. But I sent him to voicemail. Mine. In any event, it made a perfect complement to my 60s look today. I look forward to creating more looks with it. Especially after someone today referred to it in passing as a “wicked jacket.”

I must also add that this theme week has provided me with a fun opportunity to experiment with new makeup looks. You may not be able to see it in the pics but I am wearing more coats of mascara today than I have all year. Shagadelic!

 Jacket – Thrifted (Vintage)
Long Sleeve Black Tee – Work
Skirt – Thrifted
Leggings – Work
Boots – Target

Title courtesy of CAKE – “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”