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Greetings this side of Saturday!

Well I’m sad to say we’re at the end of the week. Which means we are wrapping up another fun THEME WEEK. I have really enjoyed Icon Week, bringing you outfits inspired by some of my favorite people. Being that it’s Halloween, I have always enjoyed getting dressed up in costume for the holiday, but it’s even more fun transforming these inspirations into daily wear. Now more than ever, I think I appreciate the influence they’ve had on my own personal style.

We have one more tribute today:

This is Edie Sedgwick. If you aren’t familiar, don’t feel bad. She is slightly more obscure than some of the other icons. How to explain Edie? Well, she was pretty much the Lindsay Lohan of her day only she did it with much more aplomb. Why is she an icon? Well, Edie is simply a fun style icon to me. BFF to Andy Warhol, and a notorious party girl, she embodies Studio 54 excess and pure madcap style.  All they heyday of Holly Golightly, with a little mod chic thrown in for good measure. With her big earrings and her dramatic eye makeup, crazy furs and mini dresses. She lived to be glamorous above all else. And sometimes? You just need a little glam in your life.

So I feel like this theme week has had some very clear pattern of elements. Big earrings, black leggings, boots and liquid eyeliner. On one hand I’d be bored with the repetition, but I’m also fascinated with the similarities. Obviously, these people are my icons for a reason and their style has become immeshed with mine over the years. Shaping it, contributing to it and defining it. And that’s what this is all about. Recognizing the influence on my personal fashion inclinations.

Today was another hodge podge of all the elements. I feel like this is a pretty crazy look but what the hey? It’s a day away from Halloween and everybody has caught the spirit. It’s not everyday that I get to mix stripes with circles, with bejeweled necklines. But I do all of these things at one time or another, and I owe that in part to the fashion cues I take when I look at a picture of a famous fashion figure like Edie Sedgwick. Plus it’s exactly the kind of kookiness, that I think Edie would have rocked out in.

Thank you all for playing along this theme week! It’s been more meaningful to me, than I could have initially imagined. I’ll check you guys tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend!

Dress – Thrifted
Striped Top – Thrifted
Leggings – Work
Earrings – The Icing
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of The Cult – “Edie (Ciao Baby)”