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Hello today.

I really don’t have much to write about. I am kind of overwhelmed and dealing with real life stuff. Times like these, the project and the blog seem really trivial. But today is November 1st. Meaning there are only two mere months left of the entire ordeal. Only 61 days to go. And I refuse to give up. It might be a silly, superficial little blog, but I set my mind out to accomplish something this year and I don’t back down on things like that. I may not have the usual gusto for it, but I also feel like I would be remiss to give up this late in the game. Regardless of other challenges. And anyway, it kind of keeps me sane.


On that note of finality, I am also at a point in the project where I feel the need to make use of yet unworn items. This brown lacy jacket thingy seemed cute when we picked it up on a thrifting mission. But subsequently it hung in the closet for a very long time, without a purpose. But it’s time to make these pieces sing for their supper. Make it work, Tim Gunn style. I messed around with a few looks and eventually settled on this. It’s simple, but I think simple is good here. I like navy and brown together a lot.

Also coziness is a factor here. You wouldn’t know it to look at them, but these pants are like pajama dress pants. Soft stretchy cotton disguised as business attire. You really can’t ever tell just by looking at something, can you? I used to be a big fan of MTV’s “Diary.” Did you guys ever watch that? What it lacked in substance it made up for with its signature adage. You think you know. But you have no idea. Man. That is some heavy stuff right there.

Navy Long Sleeve – Work
Lace Jacket – Thrifted
Pants – Thrifted
Necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Rilo Kiley – “Science vs. Romance”