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Hello people! Well it’s been another insane day in Jenny Town. I don’t really know when that will change. So for today, let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you guys. It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in. How about some reader questions:

What’s on your reading list this month? How is the weather where you live? What are you getting excited about for the holidays? Have you been listening to any good music?

I’ll even answer my own questions. I am between books at the moment, although I just finished the Mackenzie Phillips autobiography. Holy hell, that was some messed up stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed. The weather here is still very pleasant. We’ve staved off snow and still have some gorgeous fall colors. Couldn’t ask for more. I am not excited about the holidays but gearing up anyway. Work starts to get hectic in a couple of weeks, so I’m just bracing myself for all of it. And I don’t have any new music. (I may or may not be tempted to buy the new Taylor Swift. There I said it.) But I personally am excited about a bunch of stuff coming out in 2011. CAKE has a new album slated and there’s even a rumor that Fiona Apple is working on something for spring. Those two things alone have me counting down the days left in the year.

Which just also happens to be the number of outfits left – 58 to be exact.

I am seemingly really into pants lately. I’m not sure what that’s about. Maybe I need to force myself into a skirt or dress tomorrow to perk things up.

Today I spent the majority of my day in sweaty gym clothes. So when I realized it was crunch time and I should actually get dressed, I was feeling kind of uninspired. I originally intended this to be a leggings/boots look but at the last minute I spotted my old khakis. Remember these from 90s week? Oh 90s week. Seems like only yesterday, but it was actually 10 months ago and the last time I sported the khakis. Time to break that spell, I decided. I tossed them on and was won over by the menswear feel they give this outfit. I’ve been spotting a lot of cuffed jeans and pants lately and let me be the first to say I support that trend. Cuffed anything is friend to the short girl. Can I get an amen?

Cardigan – Target
Striped button-down – Work
Shoes – Old Navy
Belt – Stolen off a shirt

Title courtesy of Feist – “The Water”