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Happy Friday night, friends! Are you ready for the weekend?

Yet another late post. I have got to get it together, man. But something rare happened and I was out on a Friday night! I went to a hockey game with some of my employees. I am usually such an old maid on Friday nights. I don’t like to go out at all. But it was just funny because I was literally telling some people yesterday that I wanted to go to a hockey game. And then today, someone else  invited me to one. So it seemed like the kind of thing I probably shouldn’t turn down. Serendipity. I am a fan.

Anyway. I like hockey because it’s one of the very few sports that I can actually understand and follow. Not to mention any sport where it is socially acceptable for players to knock each others teeth out? I’m so there. Unfortunately I was let down by the lack of brawling action. It was a college game, so apparently there is no bloodbath at the university level? What a rip off. I was so much looking forward to seeing somebody get pummeled. But it was still a fun game to watch and the home team won. So not a total bummer.

I am relatively pleased with today’s outfit, all things considered. And by all things considered I mean that, after a night of fitful sleep, I awoke to a text message early this morning from one of my employees informing me that she was sick. I volunteered to work for her, but the timing left me with approximately fifteen minutes to be up and ready to head out the door. As disorganized as I am lately, I luckily have a small pile of things needing to be worn. I literally threw this outfit together in five minutes. Slammed a cup of coffee with five more and snapped these pictures. I don’t think I was actually really awake for the entire affair and thus for a sleepwalk of a blog post, I think it turned out quite well. It’s also a new record for putting together an outfit. I have never thrown anything together that fast.

Anyway. I even named this one. I call it The Swami of Suburbia. And what I lack in enlightenment, I make up for in bangle bracelets. One for each wrist. I’m balanced, you know. According to the ever-helpful Wikipedia, a swami is an honorific Hindu title given to men and women. It means “he who knows and is the master of himself” or “owner of oneself.” Now, there are a lot of things I don’t have figured out, including myself. But if ever there were a day to be a swami of my own wardrobe, I’d say this is it. I threw this look together from a pile on my floor in under five minutes and it still led to many nice compliments. I think I’d like to be a swami more often.

Embroidered Sheer Top – Thrifted
Black Long Sleeve – Work
Necklace – Wet Seal
Pants – Work
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Rachael Yamagata – “Paper Doll”