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Welcome to Sunday, peeps. Or Sunday evening, I guess I should say. Did you guys hang okay with the time change? I was completely looking forward to the extra hour. I haven’t been sleeping well and thought it would be an opportune to catch up on my Zs. Alas, my eyes snapped open like clockwork at the usual time. Only an hour earlier. Drat. I tried to go back to my dozing but it wasn’t happening. So instead, I got up to go for a run, which is another thing I haven’t been keeping up with lately. It was a beautiful morning for it. So I’m glad I got to take advantage. There won’t be too many more of those for awhile.

Then I went to work and it fairly well sucked. Another busy day, which is great. Only my worker for the day spaced her shift and no one could come in to cover and I was completely overwhelmed and swamped for most of the day. And that was not so great. Not to mention I had to deal with a lot of certifiable customers. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, indeed.

My mom saw this outfit this morning and deemed it Indian Summer colors. I think that’s pretty befitting. You may have noticed that while I embrace some of the basic tenants of dressing for autumn – layers, scarves, etc. I still avoid truly bundling up until I can no longer avoid it. Hence the lack of stockings and closed toe shoes most days. Today started out nice enough to eschew such things and I took full advantage.

As for the colors, this is decidedly a bright weather look. I decided I needed to amp up my color just a bit. It hasn’t exactly been my whim lately. Still, I figure I owe you guys something a little more standout from all the dark and neutral action I’ve been bringing lately. I’m admittedly a fan of the expression “fake it until you make it.”   So I guess that’s what today is. I went color and I went BRIGHT COLOR to compensate. I love this floral shift dress so much, and I wanted to make sure it got another wear for the year.

Aqua is a fun color. The Mom recently gifted me with this amazing scarf and I wanted to tie it in. It just almost matches my aqua top, so I took a chance at pairing them together. You nearly can’t tell that they’re not the same shade and the overall affect pleased me. It almost looks like I’m wearing some sort of strange cardigan with a built in scarf. Like a technicolor knitting project gone awry. But really it’s just a slight of layering. Yeah. I’m sort of magic like that.

Dress – Thrifted
Aqua Long Sleeve – Work
Scarf – Gift from The Mom
Belt – 5.7.9
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of The Killers – “Neon Tiger”