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Evening, y’all. I am plum tired right now. Tired enough to use such pithy expressions as “plum tired.” Yeah.

It was mostly just a long day. I worked up a storm at my store. With the holidays coming up it was time for a big floor rearrangement. I love it when it’s floorset time because it makes the whole store look brand new. It also gives me a chance to exercise my creativity at work, which is always a bonus. I think life would suck if I had to work a job that didn’t entail any artistic license. So I spent my day hauling around piles of sweaters and jeans and mannequins and making messes and then cleaning them back up.

Then I hit the gym for some weights and yoga. Which was just ill-advised. I thought I was being really clever doubling up like that, but all I did was make my arms so tired that I could barely hold my poses in yoga class. Dumb. Needless to say, it only added to the tiredness. So now I’m a going to call it an early night and hopefully get some much-needed rest. And enough with the boring small talk. Outfit time!


So this is what I call an outfit stalk. I guess in blogging it’s technically called a style-chain, but given that it happened in real life, I’m deeming it an outfit stalk. This is when I see something I like on a total stranger and  make a mental note to try it for myself. In this case, I saw a girl walking through the mall wearing an army jacket with a big brown belt over it. And I thought belted jacket?! OMGWTF Eureka! It just looked so unique and sharp. I jotted down the idea in my Blackberry but it didn’t stay filed for long. I had to give it a shot, like, today. So I did.

My version turned out quite a bit different from the original. I had an army-ish jacket of my own, but what I was really longing for was this soft little hooded jacket. With just enough crisp in the air to dig it out, I decided it would fit the bill just fine. I took a brighter approach than the original with my checkered shirt and cute yellow belt. The original wearer finished her look with skinny jeans and boots, but I also took a more casual approach with jeans and flats. Primarily because I knew I’d be doing a lot of busy work and wanted to be comfortable. As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t wear a lot of jeans here on the blog, because they’re really not my thing. I always feel too casual. However, today I think they really worked out just right. Who knows? I might even get around to hemming the other pair I recently acquired and wearing them sometime soon. It’s a leap. But stranger things have happened…

Jeans – 5.7.9
Checkered Button-Down – Work
Jacket – 5.7.9
Basic White Tee – Work

Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Bishop Allen – “Busted Heart”