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Hello everyone. I hope this random Tuesday finds you well. I’m doing an early/scheduled post, so I don’t have much to report at this time.

All the action is happening later this evening because I am going to the opera! I have the opportunity to go see “La bohème” with some friends in Denver and I am very excited. I know very little about the show. I usually study for shows that I go to, memorizing the music and reading up as if I am actually in them. (I have some residual theatre dork tendencies) But this time I was unable to locate a soundtrack, and I speak zero Italian, so I am going into this cold.  I only know a bit about the plot, because I was an embarrassingly unabashed “Rent” head in my teen years. Swap out TB for AIDS and Paris for New York City and we should be good, yes?

I have never actually been to an opera and I’ve been itching to go for oh…decades. See, when I was a little girl I had big aspirations to be an opera singer. At a very young age, I would flounce around the house making shrill noises that probably only dogs could hear, but they were my arias and I was convinced that someday I would be a famous opera singer. Unfortunately my dreams died early on, circa seventh grade choir, when I developed a hearty fear of public singing which has only worsened with age. In any event, I have still wanted to catch a show for a  very long time. If you hadn’t guessed already, I’m a fan of dressing up. So any event that encourages dramatics and primping is like…hella forte for a person such as myself. I even been gifted some fancy binoculars for the occasion. Heck yes!

GARRRRRR! That’s a word I made up just now because that’s how mad I am. Why am I mad? Well, because on the big day of my opera debut, I got all kinds of fancy and then it decided to rain cats and dogs. Thus making a proper picture-taking session next to impossible. So here I am dressed to the nines and stuck doing a makeshift photoshoot indoors. Boo. I wanted to show you guys my opera dress!

I couldn’t even get all the angles I wanted, but I promise this is a fantastic opera dress. Right down to the cape back that hangs from the neck halter. It’s a very special dress that I save only for the best and most appropriate occasions. The last time I wore it, was also to the theater district last fall for “Wicked.” I have fun accessorizing it with my most thespian of trimmings – blingy pearls, floral tights and feather headpiece. Maybe a little overkill for a Tuesday. (If only I had access to a powdered wig or a viking helmet, well…Lord help us all.) However,  if you can’t go overkill to The Opera, then seriously, where can you? Three hundred and sixty five outfits and I only get so many dress-up days. I’ma milk this one for all it’s worth.

Dress – BCBG/Max Azria for Max Rave
Pearls – 5.7.9
Feather Headband – Work
Textured Tights – 5.7.9
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of CAKE – “Opera Singer”