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Good evening, peeps. Well the big news of my day is that it snowed here. For the first time for real this year. And I guess given that I live in Colorado and November is a third of the way gone, I shouldn’t be surprised. I wasn’t. But I have to say the weather kind of kicked my butt today. I expected it to be cold, but I was not ready for that cold. I spent the whole day teeth chattering and losing feeling in various limbs.

Later in the day I had an hour or two to kill before my dinner plans so I went to the gym and ran, just to warm up. You know you’re cold when you work out just to raise your body temperature. I recently switched to a new gym and I’m still getting used to it. I really like it, but I have one minor beef – which is that they play nothing but 90s grunge rock. Which is so not motivating in the least. I suddenly have a new understanding of heroin chic. No wonder people opted for drugs to get skinny in the 90s. Who really wants to get up and get moving to the Goo Goo dolls? Additionally, said gym brews and serves free coffee. Between the retro tunes and the java smell, I have to stop and ask myself did I come to the gym or in Seattle?

So there are outfit plans. And then there are snow days. A big fresh pile of snow is kind of a game-changer when getting dressed. Here I’ve been looking forward to wearing this admittedly springy little dress for some time. I had grand plans to layer it with a rouched tank and some sassy heels and maybe a cardigan, since it isn’t exactly summer. But our inaugural winter storm rather thwarted those plans of mine. Time to winterize!

Now, I’m not gonna lie. I had one idea for this dress. And then another which didn’t work because I had no matching shoes of an appropriate cover capacity. So this is version three and I may or may not have seen a resemblance to a certain cartoon character when I looked in the mirror. I chose to overlook it because I was in a hurry and I thought I could slip under the radar. Surely, most respectable people aren’t up on their Disney trivia enough to make the connection. Turns out I was wrong. On three counts. Maybe more. It was just that three people saw fit to inform me that I looked like Minnie Mouse. “In a cute way” they were all nice enough to add.

So yeah. Consider my Minnie nod a carryover from icon week. I may not have intentionally set out to imitate Mickey’s polka dotted paramour. But twenty years ago I would have been all about it. I totally loved Minnie. And who knows? Maybe that’s even what drew me to the dress in the first place. I still think this is a cute dress. I merely blame the snow for this ill-fated styling. If tomorrow I show up on the blog dressed as my other childhood cartoon idol – Miss Piggy – well… then it we’ll have cause to get concerned.

Dress – Thrifted
Black Long Sleeve – Work
Cardigan – Wet Seal
Leggings – Work
Boots – Target
Necklace – Wet Seal
Belt – Stolen off a shirt

Title courtesy of  The Eels – “Selective Memory”