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You guys! So apropos of nothing, I feel the need to announce that I am actually excited about Black Friday this year. Against my own will, holiday shopping is big on my mind right now. An unfortunate side effect of working in a mall and being surrounded  by the decorations and the music and the sales and whole holiday blah blah blah already. Yes, already. But I think I have something to look forward to for once. Which is that I think I am going to take advantage of the sales and get a new camera for the blog (and future blogging endeavors, whatever they may be. Don’t ask me, by the way. We are still in the TBD  stage, as of yet.)

But anyway. I think me and Madge are on the outs. Yes, I finally named her. Like just now. Like five minutes ago. Madge, like her namesake, is holding up pretty well for someone of her age and after all she’s been through. But she has seen better days. She’s a little rough on the edges and just not…performing…like she used to. Always busy with that Malawian baby of hers. The costume changes aren’t quite as impressive. She’s adopted a fake British accent and done a little too much yoga. Yes, we’re still talking about the camera.

But anyway. Recommendations for a semi-decent but not super expensive digital camera are welcome. This might be the first Black Friday in like a decade that I actually attempt to do some shopping. I’m not sure how this will work, given that I’ll be at my own store by 5:30 in the ay em. Maybe I’ll be one of those crazy overnighters, if the deal is sweet enough. Then again maybe I won’t. Why am I even talking about Black Friday when it’s still two weeks away? I don’t know. I guess I figure if I must suffer the insanity of the holidays already, then you are all going down too. Sorry. That was impolite. Feel free to un-bookmark me now.

I guess you could say I’m still getting back into the hang when it comes to winter dressing. It’s kind of been a cold slap across the face the past two days. But I am excited at the second time around for some of my sweaters. Especially this one. The purple sweater cape is back in business, y’all!

It was really just an addition to the outfit underneath, once I realized how freaking frigid it was outside. But I like to think it completes this somewhat eccentric look. I think we’ve discussed this before, but, I am SO NOT a fan of animal prints. For the most part I shun them and consider them way off the mark in terms of my personal style and my personality. It takes a certain kind of person to rock animal prints. A sort of boldness and self-concept that I lack. I’ve even noticed that people who do do animal prints are way into them. Zebra and cheetah are seemingly pretty En Vogue this year, as we have an entire wall of these prints at my store right now. And the pattern that I’ve picked up on, is that people who rock the animal print don’t just settle on one piece as a sassy little statement. They buy multiple pieces, as if they’re produce. Like it’s a lifestyle. Like Gurl, I’m gonna stock up these leopard print shirts, while they’re in stock! You can just never have to many. You know what I mean?

So it’s a little intimidating. And I maintain that I’m not of the stock of the multiple animal print purchasers. But I broke my own rule when I bought the tights, and shortly after the belt. So maybe it is a thing after all. In my defense, this is only the second wear for these this year. It isn’t often that I muster up the hankering for safari wear. But today, they just kind of brightened up the look and I went with it. Gotta keep my dander up with all the craziness afoot. Maybe I’ll even bust these out for the Black Friday action. Then again, maybe I won’t.

Black Dress – F21
White Button Down – Thrifted
Sweater Cape – 5.7.9
Tights – 5.7.9
Belt – Work
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Alabama 3 – “Woke Up This Morning”