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Hi friends. Is everybody having a good week so far?

I had a busy day. I had to drive down to Denver for our annual holiday work meeting and that occupied most of my day. I feel pretty prepared for the holidays, even if I’m not tremendously looking forward to them. The time always flies and before you know it, the year is going to be all ovah! I gotta say I’m ready. With only 45 days left of the project and many many things to do in the time between, I am going to be one busy busy lady. Lots of events. Lots of working. Holiday plans. Wrapping up another year.

I am one of those people who in theory, would like to keep a neat calendar. And it’s true, every year I buy at least one day planner. But I usually only last about two weeks before I resort to strewing my obligations every which way. I currently keep my schedule on a defunct dayplanner, two dry erase calendars, sticky notes, Blackberry files, random pieces of paper floating around in my purse. Cryptic messages scrawled backwards on my forehead in eyeliner. This kind of disorganization truly takes talent. But somehow I manage to keep track of it all. Method to the madness, I guess.

For work meetings like the one today, I prefer to dress professionally and in company clothes. So today almost everything is from my store. And no, you still can’t ask which one that is. I’m sorry.

Since I can’t exactly divulge the whereabouts of this sweater, I probably shouldn’t talk it up too much. But um… I LOVE THIS SWEATER. From a very young age, I have had a thing for unique detailing on garments. Seriously. I am such a sucker for anything with a zipper, button, strap, or tie in an unusual place. When I was just a wee fashionista, I thought such things made me über cool. Cooler than everybody else. Years of social awkwardness proved otherwise. But I still adore the little details. Hence my love for this sweater. Look at those adorable sleeve buttons! The foldy cowl neck! The sash! Oh my. It is love.

With so much to love on this sweater, I kept the rest of the styling simple. Black slacks and my favorite stilettos. The stilettos are my only regret today. It was way too cold for open toes. Again, in my younger days I would brave a strappy heel in even the most sub-zero weather and think I was cool for doing do. Nowadays I am not so reckless. The risky footwear will now go into hibernation for the chilly months to come. But you haven’t seen the last of this sweater. It shall return post haste!

Title courtesy of Animal Kingdom – “Tin Man”